Take a Tour of This Micro Tiny House Made Out of a Travel Trailer

by Simplify

Trish built a micro tiny house at the Jersey Shore that suits her artistic needs. Today she offers us a tour around this trailer which she created and equipped almost entirely by herself.

The dimensions of the homemade trailer are 7*8 feet. She double-primed the walls on the outside with waterproof sealer and waterproof paint.

Travel trailer

A friend who is an electrician helped Trish to install all the electrics. Most of the materials Trish used on the inside of the trailer are recycled. The windows she found on Facebook Marketplace.

There are a 5-gallon water tank, little fans, and a foot pump to control the water flow while washing dishes. A big bowl acts as a kitchen sink that can be moved out of the way. There is also a mini fridge.

In the corner, there is a full shower connected to a water heater and a portable toilet. A tiny air conditioning machine operates on ice cubes and water.

The bunk bed is wide enough for two people, something between a twin and a double. Underneath the bed, there is a table and a lot of storage space.

There is another folding table by the bed that Trish is planning to use for her art. One cabinet Trish brought from home to recreate that cozy feeling of comfort, and another her brother built for her.

Micro tiny house

Trish says that her micro house is not meant for long-term travel, but it is certainly movable. For others who want to try building a microhouse, her main advice is to invest time into research and planning and get acquainted with others’ work with micro-housing.

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  • Doreen Doreen on Jan 30, 2023

    Love this idea. I saw On another site the bed was put on an electric pull system to raise up all the way and out of the way with seating and table beneath. Great ideas

  • Rochelle Rochelle on Jan 30, 2023

    How much is it?

    • Carrie Carrie on Jan 30, 2023

      Host mentioned it’s listed for $10k (as of that time).