Tiny House Tour: How Their Tiny Home Helped Them Pay Off Debt

by Simplify

People choose tiny homes for many reasons. Some want to live on the go. Others want a more sustainable lifestyle. Some people enjoy the feeling of living small. Jack and Jon are an engaged couple living in a gooseneck trailer.

They chose to buy a tiny home, instead of a conventional home, to facilitate paying off student loans. Come on a tiny house tour of Jack and Jon’s Weehive.

The couple named their trailer the Weehive, inspired by Jon’s last name, Wehausen, and by a poem that a street artist wrote for them. In the poem, the artist described their home as a “tiny hive…with joy, respect, and closeness.”

Jack and Jon have the poem hanging in their house, along with a Weehive sign and logo. They have a lot of colorful artwork, but Jack’s favorite is a ceramic hive gifted to them by a friend in their tiny house community who has an in-house pottery studio.

The Weehive features lots of plants (Jack’s favorite), an office space where Jack works from home, a living room with a fireplace, TV, and loveseat, a bathroom with a full bath, and a kitchen with a huge quartz countertop.

The tiny house is made from a truck trailer

Jack and Jon host game nights in their kitchen. They don’t have a washing machine. Instead, the couple outsources their laundry, using a service that picks it up and washes it for them.

The bedroom is upstairs, although the stairs themselves hide storage drawers. It has a closet incorporated into the wall and a pull-down projector for watching movies or gaming. Next to the bedroom, is an “attic” space on top of the bathroom for storing luggage and seasonal items.

Outside, the Weehive has large french doors, black and white vinyl siding, and removable foam insulation. It also has a spacious deck for enjoying the outdoors, and a shed for additional deep storage.

Tiny house tour

Jack and Jon feel that the Weehouse isn’t just a home, it’s a lifestyle. They like the community and the freedom to pursue their passions, and like living in a tiny house to save money. Would you live in a trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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