5th Wheel Renovation Episode 6: Pantry, Kitchen & Kids Room

We are back to work doing some more 5th-wheel renovations. We actually had to evacuate for a little while because of all the wildfires here in Oregon so we did get the 5th wheel on the road and traveling, but it wasn’t really ready for that yet. One of the tires blew out and ripped a hole in the floor.

5th wheel camper renovations

We are back on our property in Oregon and ready to fix the floor and continue our renovations. We fixed the floor and got all new tires. Now we’re ready to get back to our renovations.

Our renovations include custom shelves for the pantry. We also put up some wallpaper in the baby’s room. Lastly, we’re trying to figure out which color to paint the island in the kitchen.

Custom pantry in a 5th wheel

1. Custom pantry

The custom-made shelves for the pantry came out perfectly. They slide open and we even went the extra mile and made them all soft close. We built a special slide-out shelf for our coffee machine and some taller shelves for larger items like cereal boxes. Things are really coming together in here.

Kitchen shelf and lighting

2. Kitchen shelf and lighting

We also added a shelf over the kitchen counter along with undercabinet lights under the shelf. These lights in addition to the lights under the microwave are super convenient for helping us see what we’re working on when we cook. We finally got our induction cooktop which is great.

Pendant lights in the 5th wheel

Additionally, we added some pendant lights along with another light fixture in the kitchen to brighten up the entire space. All the new light fixtures match the sconces we had already installed on the wall in the kitchen. It really enhances the design of the space to keep things coordinated and matching.

Decorating the baby's room

3. Decorating the baby’s room

We found a really pretty floral print for the wallpaper in the baby’s room. It was peel-and-stick wallpaper. We loved that it was super simple to put up.

Adding wallpaper to the room

Once the wallpaper was up we added some trim. Adding trim will give your space a really nice and finished look. We also hung a little book nook tent.

Adding a bed to the room

Since the baby is getting bigger we needed to add a bed to her room. We wanted to keep the bed low to the ground so she could easily climb in and out. We built a bedframe to put the mattress on and prevent unwanted moisture.

Kids' room in a 5th wheel

We are so pleased with the results. The bedframe is perfect, the wallpaper looks gorgeous. The reading nook is such a fun and easy way to add some character and function to a tiny space.

Choosing paint colors

4. Choosing paint colors

The last thing we wanted to do was pick a color to paint the island in the kitchen. We were deciding between two grayish-beige colors.

We found this really cool and convenient product on a site called samplize.com and this really helped us decide. We were able to order two 12 by 12-inch adhesive square samples of the paint colors we were deciding between. It really helped to stick them up and see how they were going to look in the space.

5th wheel renovation

We are so thrilled to be back on our land in Oregon and we’re making such great progress on our 5th wheel. We’re so happy with the way our home is coming together and we love sharing the journey with you all.

We would be thrilled to hear from you in the comments section with any questions or ideas you have about renovating and decorating RV homes.

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