10 Healthy Quick Breakfasts for Kids and Adults

by TwoKidsandaCoupon

If you’re looking for better meal solutions for the New Year, here are 10 healthy quick breakfasts for kids and adults.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it also often the most overlooked. Mornings are busy, especially when you have a family, and it can be tough to sneak in a healthy morning meal, when you’re running out the door. If you’re looking for better breakfast solutions for your family, here are some ideas to switch up your menu with limited time and budget.

10 Healthy Quick Breakfasts for Kids and Adults

1) Smoothies

Quick, easy, nutritious, and delicious, smoothies are perfect for breakfast at home or on the go for so many different reasons. With so many different varieties, you never have to have the same smoothie twice. Easy to make, you can throw fruits, veggies, yogurt, protein powder and more right into the blender for a delicious drink ready in minutes. I freeze leftover fruits and veggies to toss in, but you can also add ice and use fresh ones instead. Need smoothie ideas to get you started? Don’t miss these easy breakfast smoothies as well as our popular winterberry smoothie that has a special immune boosting ingredient. You also can’t go wrong with our vanilla mango smoothie recipe.

Don’t need to take your smoothie on the go? Consider a smoothie bowl where you can add granola, fresh fruit, flax seed, chia and more for even more healthy goodness.

2) Leftovers

Leftovers for breakfast? Absolutely! Scramble an egg or two and add it to the leftover tortillas from last night. Dice up that leftover ham and those leftover veggies for an easy and quick omelet. Breakfast is a great time to use up those misc items from other meals. It gets you some additional nutrition, and keeps leftovers from going to waste.

3) Yogurt Parfait

When you are looking for healthy quick breakfasts, you really can’t go wrong with a fruit and yogurt parfait. They’re easy, delicious, and packed with nutrients. To make one, all you need is your favorite type of yogurt (plain, unsweetened, or Greek yogurt is best), some fruit (fresh or frozen), and some optional toppings such as granola, nuts, cereal, etc.

For an added boost, put a scoop of protein powder in the yogurt before mixing it up. Put everything in a to go cup with a lid and then all you have to do is grab it on your way out the door!

4) Avocado Toast

Avocado toast has become a staple for many people who are rushing around in the mornings yet still trying to stick with a clean diet. Packed with nutrients and easy to make, avocado toast has endless combinations that you can make.

It might sound plain but avocado toast is so flexible. Add some eggs on top for an extra boost of protein. Try some smoked salmon or spicy roasted tomatoes for a little kick.

5) Breakfast Sandwiches

Who says that you have to choose between a healthy breakfast or something quick? You can have both if you prepare your sandwich fillings ahead of time so all you have to do in the morning is assemble your sandwich, warm and eat! Pair this with a cup of coffee for a quick and easy breakfast that’s healthy too!

6) Cereal/Hot Oatmeal

Whether you’re in the mood for hot oatmeal or cereal, this is another way to get your day started off right without having to waste too much time preparing it. Just remember to go for more natural cereals and be sure not to drown your oats in sugar. Overnight oats is a popular trend and a great way to make this meal ahead of time. Search on Pinteres t for lots of ideas and be sure to follow us as 2 Kids and a Coupon while you’re there.

7) Breakfast Casseroles

A breakfast casserole is a great way to use up extra produce and meat that you might have. Just chop everything up and throw it in a baking dish, mix it up with some eggs and milk for moisture, cook it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, and voila! A nutrient-packed breakfast casserole ready to go whenever you are. We’re loving this tater tot breakfast casserole as well as this kid-friendly hashbrown breakfast casserole.

The beauty of this casserole is that you can make one big one at the start of your week and have a healthy breakfast on hand for several days! Just warm up the leftovers.

8) Eggs, Eggs and More Eggs

Eggs are quick, easy and affordable. They’re a great way to get protein early in the day, and can be used so many different ways. Whether they are scrambled, hard boiled, over easy or cooked your favorite way, eggs can be a hearty breakfast that is ready in minutes. We love these Sante Fe Scrambled Eggs for a spicy breakfast twist as well as these western omelette cups.

9) Fruit

Fruit is a breakfast favorite, and there are so many delicious combinations that can make your breakfast a meal and are healthy at the same time. Whether you grab a banana or apple to go or pack grapes or berries in a container or baggie, fruit makes an excellent healthy breakfast, as well as a snack.

10) Muffins

Muffins are another excellent choice for healthy breakfasts, and there are lots of great ways to pack in extra nutrition to these grab and go breakfast treats. From baking in veggies like these Almond Zucchini Muffins to using whole wheat flour like these banana chocolate chip muffins, there are lots of delicious ways to make marvelous, but healthy muffins.

With these tips, there’s no excuse not to enjoy a healthy breakfast every day while going easy on your pocket and saving on time. Have a healthy breakfast idea that we missed? Leave a comment below!

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