3 ALDI Family Meals You Can Make on a Tight Budget

Cassandra Smet
by Cassandra Smet

I want to share some delicious and affordable ALDI family meals you can make quickly when you’re in a pinch.

All of these meals are budget friendly and though I did end up using some products that I already had at home from other shops, I know all of the products used in these recipes are available at ALDI. All three of these recipes are quick convenience meals.

I’m not going to claim all these meals are well-balanced or healthy. They may be healthy enough, but that is not the point of these recipes.

This is all about convenience on those busy summer nights when you get home from a trip to the beach or wherever you spent your day, and everyone is hungry, so you need to prepare something satiating that won’t take much time.

Salmon patties

1. Salmon patties

I put my salmon on a sheet tray to defrost. I seasoned it with some pepper, seasoned salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and lemon pepper. When it was fully defrosted I baked it in a preheated 350-degree oven until it was completely cooked through.

Mixing the salmon with eggs and crackers

When the salmon was cooked I broke it up and mixed it together with some eggs and crushed saltine crackers. I crushed one sleeve of crackers and two eggs. I mixed everything together in a bowl and make patties. 

Cooking patties in a non-stick pan

I cooked the patties in a non-stick pan with butter. One thing I learned when making these is that it’s really important to make sure they’re cooked well on each side before flipping them or they will fall apart. 

Salmon patties with homemade tartar sauce

I made some homemade tartar sauce to eat with the patties. I used some mayonnaise, cut-up pickles, a little bit of garlic, and some lemon juice. I paired the meal with some sweet potato chips from ALDI.

Chili cheese dogs and mac and cheese

2. Chili cheese dogs and mac and cheese

For this meal, I had some bun-length wieners and a package of cheddar brats. I also had a package of shredded triple cheddar cheese, a loaf of bread, a can of chili with no beans, and a box of macaroni.

The box of Reggano elbow macaroni is probably the best deal on pasta in ALDI. One box goes a long way for my family. It’ll usually last me a whole month.

ALDI meals on a budget

I cooked my noodles and dumped in the cheese. I boiled the hotdogs and heated the chili and that was that. This was an incredibly easy and delicious meal.

Crockpot Alfredo sauce

3. Crockpot Alfredo sauce

This has become a family favorite in my house. It’s just one stick of butter, a block of cream cheese, and a cup of sour cream. Throw some chicken breast in your crockpot and you can let this sit all day on low and slow.

I always throw in some minced garlic and some onion powder. I also add a little bit of Cajun. Towards the end of the day when it’s almost done I like to also throw some frozen broccoli in there.

Cheddar herb biscuits

For a side dish, I like to make a box of cheddar herb biscuits. You just add some cheese to the box ingredients and bake them. The box also comes with an herb packet. I put that in some melted butter and drizzled it over the biscuits.

I also made some penne pasta to eat with the sauce. I love that this is such an easy meal to cook but it also feels a bit healthier with the chicken and broccoli. We usually are able to get a couple of days of leftovers from this also which is an added bonus.

ALDI family meals

ALDI budget meals are a brilliant way to make tasty, satisfying meals that will fit into your budget. I hope you try some of these recipes at home to make some budget-friendly meals for your family.

If you do give them a try, be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think. 

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  • Hco17435600 Hco17435600 on Jan 19, 2024

    Get the red bag of chicken leg quarters at ALDI or anywhere really 10 lb bag for around $5. Instead of buying the more expensive chicken breast - for the salmon cakes use canned salmon ( cheaper already cooked and ready to make into the salmon patties )