4 Delicious and Affordable Dollar Tree Meal Ideas

Today, I want to share some of my favorite Dollar Tree meals.

Each meal is made up of 5 ingredients or less which means they cost around $5-$6 to make. These simple meals are perfect for anyone looking to make delicious meals on a budget.

Breakfast-for-dinner breakfast casserole

1. Breakfast-for-dinner breakfast casserole

For this dinner I used a box of pancake mix, some sausages, cheddar cheese, and some frozen and cut bell peppers. Start by putting half the bag of peppers into a pan with some oil and salt to sauté. Shred your cheese.

Making breakfast-for-dinner breakfast casserole

Mix 1 ½ cup of pancake mix with 1 ½ cups of water. I also heated up my sausage in the microwave and cut it into small pieces.

I put the pancake mix into the casserole dish and added in the peppers and sausage pieces, sprinkling them evenly throughout the dish.

Making breakfast-for-dinner breakfast casserole

Then I covered it all with a hefty layer of shredded cheese.

Once that was done, I put it in a 450-degree oven and baked it for about 15-20 minutes. This came together quickly and easily and I was able to make a lovely meal in under 20 minutes.

Biscuits and gravy

2. Biscuits and gravy

The next meal I made was biscuits and gravy. I used a Country gravy packet, some sausage links, and some biscuit mix. I followed the instructions on the package to make the biscuit batter.

Once, it was mixed I used a cookie scooper and scooped the biscuits onto a baking sheet.

Making biscuits and gravy

While the biscuits were baking in the oven, I heated the sausage links in the microwave and cut them into small pieces.

Then I started working on the gravy. I followed the instructions on the packet and added the mixture to some hot water. I poured the sausage bits into the gravy and mixed them.

This meal came out so delicious and was very filling. To serve it, I put a couple of biscuits into a bowl and drizzled the gravy over them. This is definitely a must-try meal.

Pasta carbonara

3. Pasta carbonara

For this recipe, I used bacon strips, parmesan cheese, 2 eggs, and some rotini pasta.

First, I put the pasta in boiling water and cooked it according to the instructions on the package. Next, I stirred up the egg and cheese mixture.

Making pasta carbonara

I broke two eggs into a bowl and added ½ a cup of the parmesan. I also added in about 1 ½ teaspoon of dried parsley, as well as some salt and pepper. I cut up the bacon strips and got them cooking in a large enameled cast-iron pot.

Making pasta carbonara

Once my bacon was cooked and crispy, I added in a little bit of fresh garlic that I had in my refrigerator.

If you don’t have fresh garlic, you can use garlic powder or just skip this ingredient. I poured my egg mixture and the cooked pasta into the pot and let it sit on a low flame for a few minutes. This is one of my family’s favorite recipes.

Teriyaki noodle bowl

4. Teriyaki noodle bowl

All I needed for this recipe was a bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables, a bottle of teriyaki sauce, a can of white chicken, and a package of top ramen noodles. I started by heating the vegetables in a pan with a tiny bit of oil, salt, and pepper.

Making a teriyaki noodle bowl

I added the can of chicken to the pan to heat that as well. I cooked the top ramen according to the package instructions. When they were done, I took them out of the water and added them to the pan. Then I poured in some teriyaki sauce.

I let it sit on the flame for a couple of minutes just to heat up the sauce and mixed it to make sure it was well distributed among the rest of the ingredients.

I was actually surprised by how good this one came out. I had never tried making it before, and I was very pleased with the results.

Dollar Tree meals

I hope you all enjoyed learning how to make these cheap Dollar Tree meals. If you’re looking for some simple recipes that won’t break the bank, Dollar Tree meals on a budget is the way to go.

Give these recipes a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how delicious they are.

Leave me a comment and let me know which one is your favorite.

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