Pantry Challenge For 2023: How to Make Recipes Using Just a Pantry

by Simplify

It’s that time of year again! Head to your pantry, roll up your sleeves and prepare yourself for a new pantry challenge in 2023.

Christine from Frugal Fit Mom is ready to answer that age-old question—what is the pantry challenge anyway—while showing you all the benefits that come along with using up ingredients you already own and cooking up some healthy, delicious meals on an extremely low budget.

From coconut milk to sprouted black lentils—and any other random food product you actually own—Christine’s pantry challenge tips will help you get started clearing everything all out and putting it to good use.

While the idea of inventing pantry challenge recipes may seem daunting, a little creativity goes a long way here. In fact, you may be quite surprised by all of the pantry challenge meals you’ll actually come up with by the end of the week. And the internet can give you some much-needed inspiration if you get stuck.

For her own pantry challenge demonstration, Christine pulls out two different Indian-inspired sauces to pair with chicken, cauliflower, and rice as well as gravy mix and spices to make a pot roast. Then, she uses Sicilian gravy and fusilli to make a big pasta dish for her family.

Pantry challenge

If that weren’t enough, she taps into her pantry stores yet again to make a lentil chili and roast chicken. She is certainly on a roll and her pantry is still packed solid.

According to Christine, a pantry challenge is a great excuse to get some meal prep done for the week too. This go-round, she cleans and slices up some Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes for separate roasted vegetable dishes. And then cooks up some seasoned chicken as an accompaniment.

Pantry challenge

This pantry challenge has been a huge success. How about yours?

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