3 Crazy Cheap Meals With Potatoes You Need to Start Making

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Not to be outdone by her popular rice recipes, Miranda—from Flourishing Miranda—is ready to share her favorite cheap meals with potatoes next. After emptying a large plastic bag of russet potatoes into a metal bowl and joking that they’re straight from her garden, Miranda is ready to make her top three cheap dinner ideas with potatoes for you to enjoy at home.

The first recipe she shares is mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. This meal with potatoes includes flavorful ingredients like parsley, garlic salt, coconut milk, turmeric, and onions to make a hearty meal that really sticks to your ribs as people say.

Up next on her list of cheap potatoes recipes is lemon mustard garlic style potatoes with green beans. Miranda says this meal makes the perfect 50/50 plate, is super inexpensive, has a ton of flavor, and includes plenty of veggies and starch—which is her favorite way to eat.

The last of Miranda’s meal ideas with potatoes is to make a sheet pan meal with zucchini and balsamic. For this recipe, you simply cut up the potatoes and zucchini, drizzle them with balsamic, ladle it with plenty of fresh garlic and roast it in the oven at 425 degrees for 45 minutes.

Making cheap meals with potatoes

As a bonus, Miranda shares how to repurpose mashed potatoes into mashed potato french fries in your air fryer or oven. She says it’s an easy process to take leftover mashed potatoes by carefully pulling them out of a food storage container and slicing them up. Next, you just fry them in the air fryer or roast them in the oven for the perfect mashed potato fries.

Cheap meals with potatoes

If you love great flavor and affordable meals, you should try cooking Miranda’s top three cheap meals with potatoes this week. They are full of starchy goodness.

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