7 Amazing & Super-Simple Dollar Tree Christmas Secrets

by Simplify

Sticking to your family budget all year round doesn’t mean that you’re forced to go without during the holiday season. In fact, Kathryn, the popular vlogger from Do It On A Dime, shows you how to create a Dollar Tree Christmas that’s so good it will make others jealous of your fabulous frugal finds.

In her latest video, Kathryn reveals all the Dollar Tree secrets you need this December because each of these Dollar Tree tips and hacks helps you make the most of your upcoming Christmas celebrations.

From shrink-wrapped gift baskets to cute candies made out of rolled-up cozy socks and lip balm, buying their affordable rolls of cellophane is only one of the Dollar Tree shopping secrets Kathryn says will take your gift-giving to the next level this year.

And if you’re looking to bring more cheer into your home, Dollar Tree Christmas decorations like candy cane tablescapes, DIY Christmas tree ornaments, and gingerbread nightlights can all become custom-made decor pieces your family can put together on a budget.

And nothing feels better this time of year than spending quality time and completing a big craft project together as a family.

DIY Christmas wreath

Other Dollar Tree trips Kathryn lets you in on include making DIY candle toppers that fit on any candle in your home, Christmas bulb centerpieces, and snowflake placemat display boards.

Plus, they sell door hangers with bells, faux fur stockings, clear baking containers, and themed silicone baking gloves—all of which Kathryn says you should stock up on while supplies last.

Equally important, grab some Christmas-themed aprons while you’re there and make some homemade Christmas treats with the ingredients you find in the food aisle. It only goes to show that having an amazing Dollar Tree Christmas is much easier than you may think.

Dollar Tree Christmas secrets

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To see more videos, check out the Do It On A Dime YouTube channel.

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