Frugal Christmas Gifts For Kids That Are Also Multi-Purpose

Laina Brown-Money at Home
by Laina Brown-Money at Home

Holiday season is not that far away, so you might be starting to think about frugal Christmas gifts for your family. Today I want to share what we are getting for our kids, and hopefully, this will give you some ideas for Christmas gifts on a budget. Let’s get started!

Frugal Christmas gift ideas for kids

Books for kids


First up, we got the boys some books. I am working on building our book collection, so books are a multi purpose gift: they get a lovely present and we get awesome books to read together.

First, I got this “Little Bear”. I do have it in a big collection but I have decided I do not like the big collections quite as much, because the kids just want to read another and another. However, when it is one little thin book, we can get through one in one sitting and then move on. Besides, that book has seen better days because it has been loved.

Another book I got was “Frog and Toad”. There are three or four in each collection, so this will just start that out. The books were only five bucks a pop, which is a great price.

I have become obsessed with this series called “Tales that Tell the Truth”, so I am trying to collect them all. I got one for each one of the boys: “Anytime, Anyplace, Any Prayer” and The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross”. That will mean that we will have six of these books.

I am really excited to read those with them. I got them all in the hardcover. You can get them in board books, which would probably be a little bit more durable, but I am trying to keep them in a safe spot so they do not get destroyed.

Christmas pajamas for kids


Next up, I got them matching pajamas. I am not a matching person by nature, but I am trying to get over it because it can be so cute. My oldest son has been begging for reindeer pajamas and we have to buy them jammies anyway, so this is just the perfect dual gift opportunity. The pajamas I got are super cute.

I hear that some families just dress their kids in soft clothes to bed, but we are definitely a jammy family. Each of my boys has lots of jammies and sometimes they spend more of the day in jammies than out of jammies. Pajamas are an extra cost, so sometimes I wonder if we should not be buying those, but they are so cute and comfy, so for now we are keeping them. Are you a jammy family? Leave that in the comments.

Identification bands

My last two gifts also serve a dual purpose, and they are going to come in handy in our upcoming trip to Disneyland. First, we got them identification bands that can go on their wrist or their ankles when we go to Disneyland. They have little characters on them, and it is a huge pack, so the kids will be able to choose which one they want.

Even though I am not planning to let them out of my sight, things happen, so this is going to give me a little bit of peace of mind. Besides, it will give the boys something else to unwrap, which is always fun. These have not arrived yet.

Frugal Christmas gift ideas for kids


Lastly, I got each of them a pair of these over-the-ear headphones. These were a great deal, and they are also going to be amazing for our trip, especially that plane ride. We are going to bring the tablet and plug it up for them. We will probably need to get one of those splitters.

I heard that the earphones that go inside the ears are not great for kids, which is why we decided on this inexpensive one. They are also pretty compact because we do not want to bring too many things on our trip, but this will be a great way to keep them amused on the plane and happy.

We might also end up picking up some more things from the store before Christmas, such as sunglasses, since it is sunny in California.

Frugal Christmas gift ideas for kids

So these are all the presents I am getting for my kids this Christmas. What are you excited to gift to your kids this holiday season? Do you have any frugal Christmas gift ideas that you are willing to share? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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