Save Money In The Post-Christmas Sales

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by Cha Ching Queen

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That brief window between Christmas and New Year is an amazing time for bargain hunters. All those products that were specifically designed for Christmas, like boxes of chocolates, hampers and wrapping paper, suddenly get hit with massive discounts, simply because the big day has passed and people are moving on with their lives.

Taking advantage of these discounts is easy, and can even set you up for next Christmas on the cheap.

Stock Up

It seems a little weird to buy wrapping paper and gift boxes straight after the big day. But once Christmas has been and gone, retailers are desperate to shift all their seasonal stock. They know that most people don’t want to store rolls and rolls of wrapping paper in their attics all year.

For bargain hunters, this is a massive opportunity. Things like holiday decor and gift wrapping can drop in price anywhere from 40 to 75 percent, making the week after Christmas the ideal time to buy all of the furnishings for next year at a massive discount. What’s more, if stock isn’t shifting, it can often go for pennies as retailers start to get desperate and as new Spring lines come in.

Start Thinking About Presents Next Year

When trying to save as much money as possible, it’s always a good idea to think well ahead. The January sales are the perfect opportunity to snap up a bargain and get something for a fraction of the price it would cost if you bought it in the run up to Christmas.

Many deals you’ll be able to get online, enabling you to avoid the post-Christmas shopping crowds, but some deals you can only get by going to the store. The best time to buy things like gym equipment and clothing is in the New Year, around January time. This is when discounts are at their highest.

They also say that it’s possible to get a 20 percent discount on electronics, like TVs and an 80 percent discount on winter clothing, perfect as a gift for next year.

Think About Returns

Saving money isn’t just about snapping up deals, it’s also about taking stuff back to the store that you don’t want or need. The best time to make returns in early on in the new year to avoid the crowds. Most stores allow you to return items, even if you don’t have a gift receipt, although if the item has fallen in price, you’ll usually only receive the lower price. To be returned, most shops demand that the item is unused.

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