6 Inexpensive Ways to Personalize Your Bathroom

by Marlene

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6 Inexpensive Ways to Personalize Your Bathroom

It’s always good to have an idea or a theme for any room you want to decorate. Because of my love of nature, I chose a botanical theme for my bathroom. Here’s how I personalized my bathroom with economical pieces from dollar stores.

Copy these 6 inexpensive ways to personalize your bathroom using items that match your particular theme. Shop your home for anything you can use for your intended theme before going shopping.

Here’s what I used in my bathroom:

  • Matching baskets (Dollarama)
  • Leaf trinket dish (Dollar Tree)
  • Wood Hooks with leaf prints (Dollarama)
  • Large Command Hooks or faux Command Hooks
  • Cabinet knobs (Dollarama)
  • Small wood letters (Dollarama)
  • Rectangular trays (Dollarama)
  • Lidded glass canisters (Dollar Tree)
  • Flat night light (Dollarama)
  • Small floral stickers (any dollar store)
  • Artwork (on hand)
  • E-6000 or Gorilla Glue

Start With Art

1) You don’t normally think of putting large art in a bathroom, but this particular wall was begging for something of the sort. I already had a piece that suited my theme admirably and that’s where I started. It’s 3 feet 5 inches by 2 feet 7 inches. I found this canvas art at Home Sense some months ago. I think I paid about $50 for it. However, a collection of smaller pictures would work as well, should you have a large wall space to fill.

I used the shades in this art to guide me in my choice of colours for the rest of my accessories.

Storage Bins

2) I have had a narrow 3-shelf unit for some time. I gave up looking for square bins that would fit it and opted instead for these mint green plastic baskets, which, as it turns out, I like better. These were found at Dollarama but I’ve seen similar plastic baskets at Dollar Tree if you need them. Each handled basket is 11 inches long by 7 inches wide.

Label It

My son, Curtis, though not a professional cartoonist, tickles me with his delightful drawings. I asked him to draw some tags for me for my bathroom bins and, as usual, the results made me smile. If you like them too, click here to get your free copy and instructions for using them.

Where to Hang Towels

3) It’s a sad fact that many builders fail to install enough places to hang towels. The only towel bar in my bathroom has been installed on a wall that isn’t close to either the sink or the shower. (!?) I would be dripping water across the floor in order to reach a towel from either place. Naturally, that’s not ideal.

I came across these wood plaques with small clear knobs attached with screws. Each one is approximately 5 1/2 inches by 3 inches. If leaves aren’t to your liking, paint over them and use wall or window stickers to decorate them.

I replaced the smaller knobs on these plaques (saving them for other purposes) with cabinet knobs. A pack of six was found at Dollarama for four bucks. I chose the square black ones and spray painted two of them white.

Rather than hunting around for shorter screws that would work with these plaques, (the originals were too small), I opted to use Gorilla Glue to attach them and let the glue set overnight before hanging them in place on the wall beside the sink.

I added a large removable hook on the wall behind the door, just outside the shower, to put my bath towel within easy reach. I didn’t use the third plaque here because I wanted a fourth hook for an additional towel and wanted the two hooks beside the shower to match.

Large removable hooks are a great alternative way to add hooks beside the sink, too.

The fern sticker on the plain hook came from this package I found at Dollar Tree. You could also paint these hooks a different colour, if you prefer.

Sharing With Visitors

As my one bathroom would necessarily need to be shared with visitors, I added some tiny wood letters to one of the wood plaques to indicate the guest hand towel. Here’s how I did that:

To make these small wood letters easier to paint, I attached them to the sticky side of some clear tape.

I had some green chalkboard paint in my stash that was a close match to the green in the leaf on the plaque and used that to paint the words “Guest” and “Towel.”

Some tacky glue, applied with a small paint brush, was used to attach the letters to the plaque, one word down each side of the leaf.

Canisters for Cotton

4) Lidded glass canisters make great places to store necessities such as cotton swabs and cotton balls. I dressed them up a bit by adding some small floral stickers to the fronts of them. The rectangular tray they’re sitting on is one of two I bought to corral these and a collection of other necessities that I use every day.

Dollar Tree has similarly sized trays in the party section that you could paint to suit your theme.

Trays are so useful in keeping countertops from looking disorganized and cluttered.

Light for Night

5) This plain night light also got a floral sticker added to dress it up a bit, as well as match my botanical theme.

Trays for Trinkets

6)Trinket trays can always be found at Dollar Tree. I happened upon this leaf-shaped one recently and grabbed it up for my bathroom to hold smaller items like hair clips.

Your bathroom should be a place of comfort, whether you’re beginning your day or preparing for bed. I hope these 6 inexpensive ways to personalize your bathroom inspire you to do something similar.


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