21 Creative & Functional Dollar Tree Bathroom Hacks

by Simplify

The Dollar Tree is a great place to start organizing and decorating your house on a budget. It has so many items that can be used in creative ways. Here are some Dollar Tree bathroom hacks to make your bathroom more beautiful and functional.

Dollar Tree soap dishes look great in small spaces and can help with organization. They aren’t just for bathrooms, though. Attach one to the outside of your window, add seeds, and you have a $1 bird feeder.

Another option for a bathroom flat surface for storage is Dollar Tree’s small circular mirrors. You can use them as a shelf for lotions and lipstick.

These Dollar Tree bathroom ideas can upgrade your bathroom with decor that looks high-end. The peel-and-stick wall decals at Dollar Tree are beautiful and renter-friendly. Dollar Tree’s puck light can be combined with the bells from Target’s Dollar Spot to make a $6.25 art spotlight.

Dollar Tree has pretty-looking hand soaps. It also has soap dispensers, perfume holders, and candle holders that look high-end and can hold bathroom items.

Bathroom counter

Faux leather is a brand-new Dollar Tree item. Cut out a faux leather circle, use a ribbon to sew around the perimeter, and pull on the strings to make an elegant pouch. You can even combine this with Dollar Tree’s trendy colored picture frames and decorated craft boards.

Dollar Tree isn’t just for looks. Its items are functional as well. The Dollar Tree broom holder can be used in the bathroom to hold hair tools. The large containers are great for Dollar Tree organization and storage.

Even the strainer, from the kitchen section, can help keep your bathroom clean. You can use it to hold bath toys for kids. A hardware storage case can hold faux lashes

Use Dollar Tree to make your bathroom experience better. The eucalyptus fragrance brooms in the craft section can be used to make your shower smell great. The Dollar Tree sparkling water can go in a bathroom mini-fridge. Dollar Tree flip flops and loofahs are comfortable, useful, and cheap.

Dollar Tree bathroom hacks

There’s no need to overspend to make your bathroom shine. Dollar Tree has you covered. What items from Dollar Tree do you use in the bathroom? Let us know in the comments.

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