Dollar Tree Fall Decor: 13 Cute Fall Decorations From the Dollar Tree

I used to do a Dollar Tree haul once a month. But honestly, the price increase has affected my shopping habits. I’ve only done a couple of Dollar Tree hauls this year. But, I am excited to share with you these fall decor items from the Dollar Tree!

Fall pumpkin decor from Dollar Tree

1. Fall pumpkin

I picked a gray and white pumpkin with a tag that says “thankful.” There are other colors and patterns but this matches my decor. It’s super cute and modern. I could see it retailing at other stores for about $8. It’s a pretty good size. 

Fall plaque from Dollar Tree

2. Plaque

This plaque is a good size, too. They have other colors and designs, but this is a standard fall color that goes well with my decor.

Pumpkin stick

3. Pumpkin stick

Pumpkin sticks are pretty in orange and white. I’ll put them in the front yard to create a little pumpkin patch. They also had a burgundy red one that’s pretty, too. For under $5 you have a very cute and inexpensive fall look to decorate your front patio area. Or, you can get the same color for a uniform look.

Cutting board sign from Dollar Tree

4. Cutting board sign

This sign is in the shape of a cutting board for the kitchen. I think it looks very modern, as well.

Pair of fall wall plaques

5. Pair of fall wall plaques

I bought a pair of these wall plaques to make the look more upscale. Doing this makes it look like each plaque costs more than $1.25! These go in just about any room. I’ll probably hang these in our bathroom side by side.

Dollar Tree fall decorations

Cup-shaped decor for fall

6. Cup-shaped decor 

These cup-shaped signs would look cute anywhere, in an office or kitchen, for example. 

I love fall drinks, anyhow, so this fits in well. They stand up so you don’t need to put them on the walls, though you can do that, too. I put it on my little coffee bar.

Orange wood sign

7. Orange wood sign

I love the colors on this and it goes with my other orange and wood signs. It was too cute to pass up and I’ll use it if I get a bigger house one day.

Recipe signs

8. Recipe signs

I grabbed these cute signs with recipes on them. They are also nice housewarming gifts and you can keep them up all year round. These plaques are very homey and make me feel all warm inside. I put them over my stove so I can easily see them when I use the recipe.

Fall signs from Dollar Tree

Wood plank book stack

9. Wood plank book stack

I love the fall colors of this book stack sign, too. These can also sit on any counter, table, or surface and you don’t need to hang them. 

Pumpkin spice book stack

10. Pumpkin spice book stack

This one is also too cute to pass up. I didn’t see these last year at my Dollar Tree store so I jumped at the chance when I saw them. I love the simplicity of it. I put a little sparkly velvet pumpkin on top of this one. It’s on my coffee table in my living room.

Pumpkin spice fall decor

Long wood sign

11. Long wood sign

I put this long wood sign up near my coffee maker. I love the little image of the coffee cup.

White glitter pumpkin

12. White glitter pumpkin

I had to share with you items I got from Burlington. Here’s a pretty glittery white pumpkin with a gold stem for $8.00. I just thought it was absolutely stunning.

Dollar Tree fall decor

13. Gold glitter pumpkin

Here’s another glitter pumpkin in a rose gold with a pink stem. 

Dollar Tree fall decor

I hope you like my Dollar Tree fall decoration picks! These small items can transform a drab room into a cute space. I hope to have more Dollar Tree hauls coming up. I still love Dollar Tree even with the price increase. Now my haul is usually under 10 items.

Let me know if you think these items are as cute as I think they are. Also let me know if you’ve picked up any amazing Dollar Tree fall crafts, fall decorations, or if you’ve spotted any great fall wreaths there!

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