How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger: 9 Tips & Tricks

by Simplify

Do you live in a small apartment or a small house? There are hacks you can use to make a small space look bigger. Kristen McGowan shares her top design hacks.

1. Use a bold, dark, high-gloss paint

There are certain types of paint and colors that can make small spaces look bigger. High-gloss paint reflects light around your room making it feel larger. It’s also easy to keep clean. However, this paint does accentuate wall flaws, so go with a professional when it comes to painting with high gloss paint.

2. Fold your furniture

Furniture that folds away after use conserves your floor space. There are gorgeous, wooden, fold-out pieces that you can find for sale.

3. Use large plants, wall mounted lights, and go big with art

The goal is to draw viewers’ eyes upward, accentuating the space’s height in a smaller room. This makes the small space look bigger.

4. Use curtains instead of room dividers

Hang them on a ceiling-mounted system and they take up no floor space and create a floor-to-ceiling effect.

5. Keep things organized

Organized spaces feel bigger. You can use magnetized storage in the fridge and laundry machine area.

6. Highlight multipurpose pieces

This design hack urges you to use multi-functional furniture pieces — sofas that convert to beds, ottomans with storage, coffee tables that convert to desks, etc…

7. Maximize what is important

Go big with the important furniture, but save space on the small stuff. To make a small living room space look bigger, minimize your coffee table. Use nesting tables or a skinny bench.

Using a large mirror to trick the eye

8. Use large mirrors

Trick the eye into thinking you have double the amount of space with large mirrors. Put them near windows to reflect light.

9. Get a mixture of large and small furniture pieces

Only using small pieces in a small space, makes the room look cluttered and overcrowded.

How to make a small space look bigger

There are a number of ways of making small spaces look bigger. What do you do to make your living space appear larger? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Julie S Julie S on May 03, 2023

    I use mirrors everywhere. Different sizes, different frames. Makes a room appear larger and can in itself appear like a picture, not just a mirror