How to Make or Upgrade a DIY Spice Drawer Organizer

Allens Ever After
by Allens Ever After

My name is Tish and I’m going to show you how I updated a DIY spice drawer organizer I created a year ago from the Dollar Tree. It’s still holding strong after a year but I’m going to show you how I took it to the next level.

So, for 2022, I decided to update a few things around the house and I started with this DIY spice drawer. I’m going to add some Dollar Tree wood vinyl to my organizer to make it pop. Right now, it’s just plain and white and maybe a little messy from my spices.

Spice organizer before the DIY

1. Before

Here’s the before photo of my spice drawer. I still had a tough time finding the spice I needed when I needed it.

Spice draw insert

2. Here’s the spice drawer insert

As you can see, it is a little dirty but it held up well.

Adhesive from the Dolalr Tree

3. Choose an adhesive

I bought this adhesive for $1 at the Dollar Tree. They had a lot to choose from but I chose this one to match my wood-grain utensil organizer.

Cutting the adhesive paper

4. Cut the adhesive paper

Measure the drawer insert and cut the adhesive to fit the organizer.

Applying the adhesive paper

5. Apply the paper

Cut the adhesive paper. Apply each piece to the spice drawer organizer by peeling and sticking it on the organizer. 

DIY spice drawer ideas

6. Keep covering levels

Cover all the levels or steps of the organizer.

Spice drawer insert

7. Insert

Put the finished spice drawer insert back into the drawer.

Filling up jars with spices

8. Fill jars

I bought these glass spice jars on Amazon. I filled them with my go-to spices and some I use for only one recipe. But I love spices.

Tip: wash the little funnel between filling each jar with a different spice so you don’t mix flavors!

Adding labels to spice jars

9. Add labels

The jars came with these labels. I love the uniform look of the spice jars and the labels. Now I can see what spices I am grabbing when I need them because each jar only has the one label on it. I could also see which spices I was low on and which ones expired.

DIY spice drawer organizer

10. Finally organized!

Look how beautiful my spice drawer organizer is now! 

DIY spice drawer organizer

Let me know if you’ve made a DIY spice drawer organizer and how you did it. And, how do you organize your spices? Share all the details of your DIY spice drawer ideas below in the comments. 

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  • Pla51236524 Pla51236524 on Sep 01, 2022

    Beautiful. Now I just need to empyty a drawer and get to work. Just think ever jar will have it's place and in alphabetical order for me. I will be able to find what I want even after my hubby has been playing in the spices!!!

  • Cosette Burke Cosette Burke on Aug 31, 2023

    Where did you find the organizer?