Dollar Tree Hacks for the Kitchen to Help You Stay Organized

by Simplify

Dollar Tree has the kitchen hacks and secrets you need to make your kitchen more functional. But First, Coffee's Dollar Tree hacks for your kitchen can help you stay organized. Let’s get started.

Dollar Trees sells great, super-cheap flexible plastic cutting boards. You won’t find them for this price anywhere else. They are durable and they roll up, which makes them easy to use.

Another Dollar Tree kitchen idea is to buy small disposable muffin trays. Sure, you can bake muffins in them, but you can also use them to store leftovers. Fill the muffin holes with different foods in different spots and you have a full, reheatable, several-course, single-serve meal ready for your freezer.

To make hanging rods for your walls, buy a Dollar Tree toilet plunger. Take off the plunger. What you are looking for is the handle. Hang broom holders on the wall sideways and run the handle between them.

Dollar Tree has little scoops that you can hang on the back of dry goods containers to make them more user-friendly. The Dollar Tree premeasured parchment paper is also user-friendly and really easy to grab and go.

Dollar Tree has sold vinyl covers for lining drawers forever. They are stain resistant, washable, and prevent items from skidding around in the drawers.

Paper towel holder

For a customizable standing holder, buy two paper towel holders from Dollar Tree. Use zip ties to hang metal baskets between them. You can add as many shelves as you want and use them anywhere in the kitchen.

You can also make your own lazy Susan from Dollar Tree burner covers. Trace a large and a small burner cover onto the paper. This is so that you can fold the paper and find the exact center of the covers. After you find the center, place the papers on the covers and mark the center on the burner covers themselves. Use a knife to bore a hole in the covers. Attach them together with a paper fastener and washers in between and you have a turnable, homemade lazy Susan.

These Dollar Tree hacks for your kitchen can really help you up your kitchen game. Which hack was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Melanie Hodges Melanie Hodges 7 days ago

    GREAT HACK !!! I have used this method of a paper towel holder & paper towels in the bathroom for some time now! I remove the hand towel & replace it w/ the PT setup & believe me it has made it so much nicer for my guests to use. At times some of my lady guests have made wonderful comments about this & certainly have used it in their homes too. I like it, because it is cleaner to use PT as opposed to the hand towel & know the guest are using a clean PT to wash up after using the bathroom than using a regular hand towel after someone else in the bathroom! 😳

  • Debbie Little Debbie Little 7 days ago

    Yes.If I can find the article! Lol!