Organizing With IKEA: The Best Items to Get Your Home in Order

by Simplify

Heading to IKEA? Organizing using IKEA items is easy–see how interiors expert Kristen McGowan does it with her IKEA haul. Her IKEA organizing ideas will get your home in order in no time.

Plate racks

Kristen uses plate racks not only to organize plates so they don't make noise when you pull out your dishes, but she also uses them to organize her sandals and flip-flops in the slots.

Lazy Susan

She uses quality wood Lazy Susans to organize the spaces under her sinks.

Olive oil canister

A glass canister can make olive oil look nicer on a countertop than if it’s left out in a clunky bottle.

Shelf drawers

Look for items in IKEA that you can attach to your existing shelves to maximize the space underneath. It’s a good solution if you need more drawer space in your home.

Assembling IKEA furniture

Hanging shoe organizers

Kristen has a big shoe problem in her house so she hangs these organizers in her front closet for shoes and another one in her main closet to organize bathing suits.

Magazine organizers

She uses these magazine files for various purposes, such as holding potatoes and holding rolled face towels in her bathroom.

Shower baskets

Kristen uses these caddies with suction cups in her shower to organize her shampoos and beauty products in the shower. The holes in the bottom drain water.

There are so many products at IKEA for home organization ideas. These are just a few and the selection changes all the time. Let us know if you’ve found any great products at IKEA that you’ve used for organizing your home

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  • Sheree Lemler Sheree Lemler on Jun 09, 2023

    I like the hanging shelf idea but I can’t find it on the IKEA app. Do you have a specific name or product code along with a price. I’ve searched everywhere. Thx 😊

  • Billie Reece Billie Reece on Jun 09, 2023

    Yes, I can hardly wait to purchase a couple of the racks. Hurray at last!