The One Pantry Organization Hack That Actually Worked

by Simplify

Christine, the Frugal Fit Mom, is on a mission to find the right products for a pantry organization system that actually works for you—without all the frustration that usually comes along with it.

She says that she’s personally tried out so many different pantry organization ideas in the past that just didn’t make sense for her in the end. And it’s mostly because she loves to cook, but doesn’t always buy the same ingredients over and over again.

Christine says that pantry organizing can be next to impossible when you simply follow someone else’s plan or merely try to be Pinterest-worthy. That’s why learning how to organize a pantry that complements your particular lifestyle is all about learning your family’s habits first and creating a large or small pantry organization plan that makes sense for you.

For Christine, this meant designing a pantry organization system based on grouping like items next to like items. For example, she stores all of her small appliances together, all of her baking supplies together, and all of her canned goods together.

To help her store all of these various boxed, bagged, and canned ingredients together and improve her family’s access to them, according to her pantry organization plan, she uses plastic storage bins in various sizes and labels them with larger labels that can easily get noticed by everyone in her family.

How to organize a pantry

She also loves using wire shelves to make the best use of space. Plus, she gets rid of pantry organization products that don’t bring her joy or don’t work out the way she intended them to.

Lastly, Christine says that a functional pantry organization system that works well for your family is much more important than one that’s Pinterest-worthy but doesn’t work well for you. So, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Pantry organization hack

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