Top 10 Things To Buy At Walmart In 2023

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Don't you love getting the best possible deals whenever you go to Walmart? Christine from Frugal Fit Mom does, too! She figured out the top 10 things to buy at Walmart with the best price value this year. Let's dive in!

1. Chips and Snacks - Smart Choices for Savings

Christine suggests opting for the budget-friendly Great Value brand chips instead of empty-calorie options. She also recommends sea salt pita crackers as versatile snacks for dips.

2. (Non-)Dairy

The delicious and reasonably priced unsweetened vanilla almond milk is a great low-budget tip for those who avoid dairy or prefer dairy alternatives.

3. Cereal - Cost-Effective Breakfast Solutions

Christine advises shoppers to consider more affordable Great Value brand cereals, such as Honey Nut O's and Shredded Wheat.

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4. Spices - Budget-Friendly Seasonings

Highlighting the value of bulk buying, Christine points out the affordability of basic spices available at Walmart.

5. Bakery - Money-Saving Bread and Sweets

Christine discusses the value of Walmart's French bread for meals and gatherings. She also offers a tip to save on desserts by purchasing larger quantities of buttercream frosting for special occasions.

6. Bananas - Walmart's Best-Selling Product

Revealing an interesting fact, Christine shares that bananas are the top-selling product at Walmart due to their popularity and affordability.

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8. Protein - Affordable Meat and Chicken

Christine recommends budget-friendly protein sources, including the Great Value original pork sausage and festive round turkey

9. Frozen Food - Convenient and Economical

Walmart's frozen strawberries, blueberries, and broccoli florets are all cost-effective options.

10. Pasta - Comparative Price Analysis

Christine debunks the notion that Mexican food pasta is cheaper and emphasizes the affordability of the Great Value brand spaghetti.

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These are Walmart's hottest budget products according to Christine. Do you agree or have a different experience? Let us know what your favorite ways are to cut costs at Walmart!

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  • Margaret Margaret on Sep 17, 2023

    I can’t shop at Walmart anymore because there aren’t enough check outs with workers. Hate the machine check outs. Too many errors. Have to get someone over to help anyway so what is the advantage? Nuisance! Also the shelves are too high making me feel claustrophobic and can’t reach best products!

  • San22071824 San22071824 on Sep 25, 2023

    I purchase the GV sliced cheese (8 oz.) for less than sliced cheese at the deli.