Making the Most of Minimal Space in a Paris Studio Apartment

by Simplify

When engineer and architect Marlice Alfera renovated her small Paris studio apartment, her goal was to create maximal comfort in minimal space. She used sustainable materials and a cleverly planned layout to realize her vision.

Leaving the floor plan as is, Marlice removed the partition that stood between the entrance of the apartment and the living room to create more space. She removed the wall between the bedroom and the living room.

Marlice was inspired by Japanese shoji

Taking inspiration from traditional Japanese architecture, she created Shoji (room dividers made of translucent material) to separate the bedroom while still allowing light to flow in and out of the room.

To maximize space utilization, Marlice created multifunctioning furniture. A closet space, desk, and bench also serve as partitions between rooms. The bedroom closet can be opened from inside the bedroom, or from the living room, for easy access.

In the living room, a couch with a pullout bed is essential for hosting guests. Bookshelves made from leftover building materials are lined with books, which along with her plants are the exception to her minimal possessions.

A floor-to-ceiling closet sits in a space just outside the bedroom, creating another separate zone in the apartment. A hidden door in the closet opens into a desk so the space can also function as a small home office space. The kitchen rests in a nook just off the living room where another door hides a washing machine, making space for all the necessities, without the visual clutter.

As the owner of this micro-apartment in Paris, Marlice aimed to create a high-functioning, sustainable space. She used sustainable materials like plywood, and granite, and used polycarbonate for the Shoji in place of the traditional rice paper.

Paris studio apartment

Planning her space thoughtfully and using high-quality material, Marlice’s micro apartment provides comfortable and functional living space.

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