This Tiny Apartment in Buenos Aires is Filled With Music & Pets

by Simplify

MoobArq, an architectural firm in Argentina known for its unique and transformational designs, has a way with small spaces that make other tiny apartment ideas seem far less appealing.

As a matter of fact, the tiny apartment they're revealing in a recent video on Never Too Small makes you wonder just how many activities one can naturally fit inside such a small space.

For the owners of the Buenos Aires apartment featured in this episode, the most important considerations were their love for pets, music, art, and relaxation. So the tiny studio apartment ideas MoobArq came up with all revolved around these specific themes.

The most obvious design choices made for this home were the geometric patterns and bold colors found throughout, which were scattered intentionally to create different zones for different activities.

Depending on where you’re located in this 516 sq ft tiny apartment, you’ll find a unique set of paint colors there, showing you exactly what is expected of this space.

The scale was also an important consideration for this design team. Using the tall ceiling to their advantage, they were able to create an open staircase on wheels, leading to a mini office studio and mezzanine bedroom with a glass ceiling.

Cat on a piano

The tiny apartment also houses a small but very functional kitchen, a music studio, and a dining area with seating for up to eight people. There is also a laundry unit tucked into a nook just behind the kitchen.

Vertical lines were carefully incorporated in cabinets and storage closets to draw your eyes upwards. Plus, the entire home can be seen with an unobstructed view from the front door.

Lastly, the designers included smart storage solutions on all walls in the tiny apartment to keep all items off the floor and the home far less cluttered looking.

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