How to Declutter Your Closet Backward: A Faster & Easier Method

by Simplify

Most of us declutter our closets by looking at everything we have and removing what we don’t want. Backward decluttering approaches the process a little differently. It can be a very efficient way to declutter.

To declutter backward, the first thing to do is decide what you must keep. You’re figuring out what items you simply cannot part with. Your favorite jeans, your best sweatshirt, and your cutest tank top are all going to be put aside.

Essentially what you’re doing is making a capsule wardrobe from stuff you already own.

A capsule is a collection of clothes that are versatile, interchangeable, and complimentary. It’s usually made of classic, timeless types of clothing. You’re not purging your closet yet or getting caught up in the emotional aspect of clothing.

Next, it’s time to think about where there are gaps in your wardrobe. Where are you missing things? If you need a pair of black leggings add that to your capsule. Once you’ve added your basic essentials, it’s time to take a look at what didn’t make the cut.

How to declutter your closet backward

Start by weeding out what you’re sure you don’t need or want. Then you’re left with all the items that you’re unsure about. Take all those clothes and put them in a bin to store them someplace in your home.

You can keep the bin as long as you want. The idea is to get your closet down to just your favorites and your capsule. If you end up needing something from the capsule, you can get it, but most of the items in that bin will remain untouched.

It may take a year, or it may take 5 years, but eventually, you’ll realize if you haven’t needed the bin items all that time, you can probably get rid of them.

How to declutter your closet backward

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