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I went through my wardrobe and cut it in half to pare down to essentials in my minimalist closet. If it's the right season for a specific piece and I haven't worn it in the past three months, I don't think I will wear it in the next three months. That led me to declutter many pieces of my wardrobe.

I'm going to take you through every single thing I currently own. Next to each category is how many of each I own.

Minimalist closet ideas

Tank tops - 6

I have one from Target and two Ozma tank tops; I love them. I also have a gray one I've had for a while. Another one is a scalloped tank that I think is pretty. Then I have a cropped cheetah tank I often wear in the summer and spring. 

T-shirts - 4

I have a rust-colored one that I thrifted. I have a basic black one and a white one from Ozma. The other one is gray. I've been wearing it a lot recently.

Turtlenecks - 3

I have a striped one, a beige, and then a black one. 

Leggings - 1 pair

I have just one pair of gray leggings. I wore them throughout my pregnancy because they were the most comfortable, and I still 

wear them with a dress.

Dresses - 3

I have one from a secondhand shop in Seattle, and I always wear it. The other two dresses are a cheetah print I thrifted and one I haven't worn yet. I thrifted it a few months ago, but it's been winter, so I haven't worn it yet. It's a beautiful gingham.

Minimalist loungewear set

Loungewear set

I have a really pretty lounge wrap dress and high-waisted lounge pants to match it. They look really cute together. I wear them out all the time, not just around the house. 

Closet essentials minimalist

Blouses - 10

I bought one in a second-hand shop in London, so it's very special to me. I love the color and the puff sleeves. The next one is a silk blouse that I think is very romantic. 

I have a white blouse I wear often. Also, I have a cropped linen top from Ozma that I love. The next one is a linen blouse I have had for a long time. I love linen, especially in the spring and summer. The next one is a black linen shirt that I thrifted. I also thrifted two more, one from Target and a red one from H&M.  

I also have my other three Ozma tops. 

Cover-ups - 2

I have an oversized baggy blouse that I often wear in the spring and summer. I also kept a pair of Carhartt overalls. I have wanted a pair of overalls for three years. I've worn them quite a few times this week.

Minimalist mom wardrobe

Pants - 6 pairs

There are a pair of cream-colored jeans that I thrifted and black trousers that I thrifted about two months ago. Next are my 100% linen pants. They're incredibly comfortable, and I find myself wearing them a lot. 

I only have one pair of denim jeans. They're high-waisted mom jeans. My black, wide-leg pants I've had for five years are in here because they are the best quality. I like the wide leg. 

I have gingham trousers that I think are cute and extremely comfortable, and they go with a lot of my other stuff in my closet. Lastly, I have a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg pants that I thrifted for a dollar.

Skirts - 3 skirts

I have a long, black linen skirt, a 100% wool skirt I thrifted, and a flowy grandma skirt.

Shorts - 2 pairs

I have a pair of Lee shorts that I thrifted that are great. Then I have a pair from Lands End that I also thrifted.

My minimalist closet essentials

Sweaters and jackets - 7

I have a thick sweater that I love, and the beige goes with a lot in my closet. I have another one I threw on every day when it was cold. It feels like a hug. 

I have a sweater I got at a secondhand store, and I love the beautiful pattern and material. It's extremely comfortable. 

I bought one cropped sweater at a thrift store in England and another that I call my grandma sweater. Lastly is a sweater I've had for five or six years and one I call my grandpa sweater. 

I also have one puffer, a long black jacket that I always wear.

Pajamas - 2 per season

I have the same two T-shirts that I wear in the summer and the winter. I have two pairs of sweatpants for the winter, and for the summer, I have two pairs of shorts.

Purses - 4

My go-to daily bag is from Coach. I thrifted it for $10. I have one that I think I bought on Poshmark. The other two are more for special occasions. They are both vintage thrift finds I use on special occasions during the spring and summer. 

Hats - 7

I have two beanies, and a beautiful wool beret that I also thrifted. I have two baseball caps. I have a straw hat I thrifted for a dollar and another straw hat I also thrifted.


I have two bandanas. I have two hair clips. I have a headband from Oddbird and one hair tie other than my basic black hair ties.

Best pairs of shoes

Shoes - 12

I have two pairs of Vivaya shoes and another shoe I bought for work. I have two pairs of brown heel shoes. I have my clogs and my Docs. I thrifted the Docs for $30 two winters ago. Then I have a very comfortable, practical shoe.

I have a pair of boots that I've had for probably 15 years. I have another comfortable pair I wear when I go on walks. Next, I have my slides. Lastly are my Birkenstocks that my mom got me. 

My minimalist closet

I like to keep my clothing numbers down for my sanity, to have less laundry, to have fewer choices in the morning, and to love every piece I have. What are your must-have items in your minimalist closet? Share in the comments below.

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  • Donna Donna on Mar 13, 2024

    I personally think you still have to much stuff. I'm down to 36 pcs and have plenty for a couple weeks before laundry day

  • Debs Debs on Apr 07, 2024

    I could never go this low and bland! I love color and choices! I do purge periodically and am proud my closet doesn’t look like a Kardashians but it is far from being anything near a minimalist! How about incidentals like socks, tights, lingerie, gloves, etc? Minimal too?