My Minimalist Jewelry Collection: Gold, Classic & Meaningful Jewelry

Created for Eden
by Created for Eden

In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic who wears minimalist jewelry. I used to be someone who would just buy cheap jewelry. But in recent years, I've shifted my mindset and started buying pieces that are a little more expensive, but I’ll wear and enjoy them for a long time and they aren’t going out of style. I wanted to share with you my minimalist jewelry collection.

Minimalist earrings


I have quite a few ear piercings. I only change out the two bottom pairs.

Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings

These beautiful dainty pearl earrings on a gold ring come from Ana Luisa, which to me, is an affordable minimalist jewelry brand. They have a Parisian chic flair to them and they’re timeless.

Minimalist jewelry

Square hoops

Square hoops

This boxy pair is also from Ana Luisa. They’re timeless hoops, but with a twist.

Thrifted button earrings

Button earrings

I picked this pair up at a thrift store, and they're very different than most of the other jewelry I have. They're the most colorful pieces of jewelry I have, but they're ceramic with this beautiful hand-painted pattern with real gold on top. I just love that they're so unique, and I wear these when I want to feel a little bit more artsy. 

Frontward hoops

Frontward hoops

I picked this pair up from my friend, Anne, who makes them and sells them through her company called Birch. They're very minimalist. They're a hoop but a frontward hoop, which makes them very unique. I'll wear these every once in a while when I want to kind of switch it up. 

Elegant hoops

Elegant hoops

This next pair of hoops from Ana Luisa is elegant, lovely, and I love the shape of them. They are classic hoops but shaped a bit differently. They are the biggest earrings I own, but they’re not heavy. I like to wear them when I'm feeling a little bit fancier. 

Gold studs

Sentimental gold studs

These studs are pretty special to me because they are from my grandparents. I remember they gave them to me when I was about eight or nine, but I didn't appreciate them because, at that time, I loved silver. I rediscovered them a few years ago and realized they’re real gold and so pretty.


Wedding ring

My wedding ring

My wedding ring is a simple, dainty ring that I love so much. It was my husband's grandmother's ring. When she met me, she told my then-boyfriend that she loved me already and that if he proposed, he could use the ring. He had the ring before we even got engaged. It works perfectly with my style which is minimal, simple, and something I value and treasure. 

Simple gold band

Simple band

The next ring is just a simple band that I got from Ana Luisa, nothing fancy.

Wave ring

Handmade wave ring

I purchased this ring from the company, Birch. I just love the waves. 

Minimalist gold jewelry

A gift from my mom

My mom got this ring for me on my first Mother's Day. It’s a simple band with an engraving in cursive that says “Zion,” which is my son's name. So I just love it. 


Etsy minimalist jewelry

Everyday necklace

I have never really been a necklace person. But I bought this everyday necklace on Etsy. It’s a simple gold chain with the engraving “Z” on it for my son, Zion. 

Minimalist Christian jewelry

Vintage necklace

This is my first necklace purchase from the time I started making more intentional jewelry decisions. It has a vintage coin look and it has an image of a lion on it. The lion is significant to me for three reasons. It’s a biblical symbol, a character from one of my favorite books, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the word lion rhymes with my son’s name. It's just an overall special piece to me.

Gold necklace with a flower

A gifted necklace

This third necklace was given to me as a gift. It has Zion's name on it and it has a beautiful flower etching on it, which is my son’s birth flower.

Vintage choker necklace

Vintage choker

I picked up this snake chain choker from a thrift store. I don't know the quality, but it doesn't look terrible, though I don't think it's real gold. I'll wear this one sometimes if I just want to wear a statement necklace.


Wave bracelet

Wave bracelet

I'm not a huge bracelet person but I love this minimalist dainty lightweight cuff bracelet from my friend’s Birch collection. It doesn’t make noise, and it’s simple, but it adds a bit of elegance to my wrist when I dress up a little bit.


Minimalist jewelry collection

My watch

My husband bought this watch for his mom when he went to Portugal. She loved it and wore it all the time before she passed away. She gave it to my husband and told him to give it to his future wife. It's just a very special, beautiful watch that I'm blessed to have.

Minimalist jewelry collection

That is my minimalist jewelry collection. I love my gold pieces and other minimalist jewelry that I thrifted, found on Etsy, and bought from other affordable brands.

Let me know if you’re thinking of pairing down your jewelry collection or if you’re investing in more classic pieces. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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