How to Declutter Without Making Even More Mess

by Simplify

The biggest problem many people face when attempting to declutter their homes is that they end up with an even bigger mess than they ever had before. And this can cause a lot of additional stress, anxiety, and frustration for someone who simply wants to tidy up their space.

So, Dawn, the content creator behind The Minimal Mom, is ready to show you exactly how to declutter any room in your home with the signature no-mess decluttering method designed by Dana K. White.

Learning how to declutter without making a bigger mess is a topic Dawn is asked about quite often in the line of work she does.

She says this typically happens because you get started on a big decluttering project, and then you get interrupted which forces you to leave everything behind. So, the secret to learning how to declutter without making a mess starts with gathering three things: a black trash bag, a donation box, and your feet.

According to Dawn, your feet are the most important part of this method because immediately moving items out is key when it comes to learning how to declutter your home without creating more work for yourself.

How to declutter without making more mess

To demonstrate Dana’s method, Dawn shows you how these three items allow you to declutter a messy space, like her overstuffed closet, even if you get constant interruptions like phone calls and kids needing help.

And that’s because, if you do need to walk away from the project before it’s complete, the only things you need to put away are a trash bag and a donation box.

How to declutter without making more mess

Discovering how to declutter without the hassle is really as simple as this. Start with the easy stuff first and bring items directly to their new home with any other items you see that belong there too.

For more decluttering tips, discover this guide to different types of clutter and how to get rid of them or these 4 categories for decluttering sentimental items.

To see more videos, check out The Minimal Mom YouTube channel.

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  • Norma Matthews Norma Matthews on Jan 08, 2023

    Seems like a good idea. I always get interrupted in the midst of any project at all; so I need to have a way to stay “on target” in order to pick up where I left off, every time I return to the project. Otherwise I’m better off not even starting.

  • Martha Burger Martha Burger on May 28, 2023

    My friend says, “it always gets worse before it gets better.” The problem is I usually get stuck or have to do something else in the worse part when everything is out and ready to be reorganized and put away again.