My Decluttered & Minimalist Closet, Bedroom, Office & Bathroom

One of my November goals is to reorganize and reset my room, my office and my closet. This includes hanging a few boards, putting clean sheets on my bed, decluttering my space and, most importantly, resetting my closet for fall.

I need to go through and see if there are any clothes that do not fit, have holes, or that I just do not wear anymore, so I can donate or maybe sell them at a consignment store. Cannot wait to show you my new minimalist closet organization!

Messy and cluttered drawers

As of now, my closet is in terrible condition. The drawers are a mess. If Marie Kondo saw this, she would probably cry. But that is okay, life happens, fun happens, and to be honest, those things are more of a priority than having a perfectly organized house.

Still, I like to have a little reset before the new month and especially the new season - here it is just now getting colder, so I am a bit late getting my fall clothing out. Anyway, I definitely have some shoes and bags I have to throw out, and my clothes need organizing, so let’s dive in!

Throwing clothes onto the bed

First, I am taking everything out of the closet and just throwing it on the bed, and that is where I am going to go through the items one by one. I used to own so much more stuff, it has been a huge journey in terms of simplifying, and I found that I really do not need that much. Keep it simple, and always choose quality over quantity.

Let’s go over the stuff I am getting rid of. There is a ton of socks that I might donate, I have some bedding that I am thinking of sending to a homeless shelter. I am also throwing out a lot of bathroom items that I have not been using. Some clothes, including a couple jackets, I am going to try to sell at a consignment store. Finally, two boxes are going to Goodwill. 

Decluttered closet

My closet looks so much better. You can see I got rid of some shoes, and the basket on top is where I keep my purses.

Minimalist closet storage

These two boxes on the top shelf I use to store winter and summer clothes, things I do not need most of the year, like gloves, for example. 

Fall minimalist wardrobe

Here are all my bottoms and dresses, it’s a really simple wardrobe. Just a couple pants for work, a couple weekend fun ones, a few skirts and a few dresses. I had to got rid of a few that are not wearable anymore because of stains or holes, and I know for sure that I want to buy a nicer black dress to wear to parties and such.

Organized drawers

Remember the picture from the beginning? Now all of my drawers are nice and organized, one for socks, one for T-shirts and tank tops, one for workout pants, one for sweatshirts and one for pajamas. I personally love turning regular T-shirts that I do not want to wear in public anymore into pajama tops, to save money and give them a new life. I still need to pick up a couple warm flannel pajama pants though. 

I am also using one drawer to accumulate what I need to repair, as well as clothes that I am going to use for my cold weather emergency kit that I want to keep in my car.

Clean and organized bedroom

The bedroom is all cleaned and organized, with new bedding. At some point, I do want to get a headboard, but that is a project for later. I am also still working on getting that AC put away. I do not really have space in my storage right now, so it is going in the corner. 

Nightstand items

In my nightstand, I have got my aromatherapy items, some pencils, and nighttime things. I also have been reading so my books and magazines are out on top. 

Decluttered work desk

My work desk is still a bit of a work in progress, but it already looks much better. I have organized the drawers and the shelves, and the paper clutter is definitely a winter project for me.

Decluttered bathroom

I also really love resetting my bathroom: cleaning, decluttering, scrubbing, etc. Looks great now. By the way, I always recommend breaking up the weekly clean into several little tasks to do over several days: sometimes I just do a 10-minute wipe-down of the bathroom. \Simplify your cleaning tasks; you do not have to do a super detailed deep clean every week.

Minimalist closet

And that is it for today! I really hope you enjoyed my minimalist closet ideas and found inspiration to clean out your own house. Do you ever do a big reset of your home, or do you prefer just keeping it from getting cluttered in the moment? Let me know in the comments!

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