Counting Everything I Own as a Minimalist

Samurai Matcha
by Samurai Matcha

I decided to count everything I owned in my house. In Japan, it is said that the average person living alone has about 1,500 items. I will reveal all the things I have as a minimalist to compare.

Tatami floor mats

Bedroom furniture & décor

Inside my room are tatami floor mats. I have two small lamps, a Tenugui tapestry, three house plants, a YouTube symbol plaque, a ball chair, an ordinary chair, and a desk. 

My bedding is a mattress and a sleeping bag. I also have an air conditioner and a space heater.


I have a monitor with power and HDMI cables. I also have a Canon printer under the desk and MacBook Air, a microphone, a Kindle, an iPhone, and an iPad. I also have a USB-C hub, USB. I have an external hard drive, a Mac Air charger, an iPhone charger, and an extension cord.

Inside the box under the desk is an Anker PowerPort 6, a CD Reader, an SSD hard disk, an Anker Nano Pro, a USB-C cable, and an iPhone cable. I also have an earphone, a stabilizer charger, and a charger for the camera.

Camera supplies

I have a Sony camera and lens. I have two clamps and a camera tripod. I also have a GoPro HERO 6, a camera cleaning kit, a plastic prompter, a green cloth on the shelf, and a light for the video.


I have 18 books now. I realized that most of them are for studying English.

Minimalist wardrobe


I have two kimonos for everyday wear and one kimono jacket plus the kimono I am wearing. I am also wearing undershirts and pants.

I own down pants and down jackets, a down vest, two pairs of long sweatpants, two long-sleeved heat tech shirts, three pairs of shorts for the summer, and three T-shirts. 

I have two pairs of long pants, two pairs of heat tech pants, three pairs of UNIQLO pants, three pairs of black socks, a thin obi, a hat, gloves, a neck warmer, and a string for tying sleeves.

In the box on the shelf are swimming shorts and a hat, Japanese underwear, a rain jacket, and pants set. A square bag contains a formal kimono and a kimono hanger. Also in the box is a paper mat.


There are materials related to the tea ceremony, warranties, letters, and health-related documents—my village's gift certificate.

Minimalist cleaning tools

Cleaning tools

I have baking soda, citric acid, a melamine sponge, a toothbrush, a cleaning cloth, a lint roller, a mini broom, and a dustpan set.

I also have a mop, alkaline electrolyzed water, and a toilet brush for cleaning the bathroom.

Travel items

I have a passport, headlamp, pocket pillow, luggage scale, and an external battery.

Medical supplies

I have a medicine set, a thermometer, Vantelin, and Air Salonpas. I also have a disposable mask and a coronavirus test kit.


I have 12 credit cards.

Aroma supplies

I have essential oil and a wooden dish.

Minimalist stationary items


I have a Jetstream pen, tape and strings, clips, rulers, a To-do list, and a diary.

Hand tools

I own a hammer, a hatchet, and a Leatherman multi-purpose knife.


My toiletries consist of a razor, an eyebrow comb and scissors set, a toothbrush, floss, eye drops, nail clippers, deodorant, hair wax, cologne, oral spray, an electric shaver and charger set, body soap, bar soap, and a soap dish. 

I use MOKU towels and Tenugui, and I have toilet paper.

Laptop and accessories

Other small things

I have some small items like a sewing set, a miscellaneous bank item, a lucky charm, an ink pad, a stamp, a passbook, an HDMI conversion adapter, and a pin for a conversion adapter SIM card. I also have fertilizer for plants.

I also have a hot water bottle and heating pads for winter.

There are clothes to use as a rag and a Samurai wig prop. I have clips, a disc golf disc, a controller for a stapler, a fan, and a tin case that contains coins. Also, fake plants, sacred charm, ear plugs, iPhone, and laptop cases.

Laundry supplies

I have this laundry net and magnesium bags.


I have a combo backpack-shoulder bag and a small shoulder bag.

I also have a folding umbrella, a first aid kit, a mask, a wallet, Tenugui, a Furoshiki, and a backpack.

Next, the ukulele bag. I have a Kimono bag and a tripod bag as well.

Camping items

For camping items, I have a tent, a pad, an alcohol burner set, a frying pan, a sleeping bag inner, a knife, and an outdoor hat.

Everything I own as a minimalist


I use a cushion for my back. I also have massage balls for lower back massages.

Secret room

Here you'll find additional hangers and a spare roll of toilet paper.

Shoes, sandals, and slippers


I own Tasmanian leather boots, New Balance athletic shoes, two pairs of Montbell sandals, and tatami mat slippers.

Bicycle supplies

I have a bamboo bicycle, an air pump, a multi-tool, a raincoat, a bicycle bag, a tire puncture repair kit, and a helmet.

Car items

I have one car. In the car, there is an iPhone cord and an iPhone holder.

Minimalist kitchen items

Kitchen items

I use very few things—first, an electric kettle.

Next, the iron kettle, a toaster, a blender, an oven, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a table and chairs. 

I also have four wooden plates and bowls. I have a cast iron pan, a pot, a clay pot for cooking rice, a cup, and a cup that I'm repairing.

There are cups, for sake.

I have two chopsticks, a Kai knife, a wooden spoon and chopstick rest, and a Sarashi cloth.

I also have scissors, a peeler, a measuring cup, oven mitts, a cutting board, a chopper, a bowl, and a filter.

Other items are a rice paddle, spatula, mixer, ladle, strainer, food organizers, Mason jars, and round heat-resistant glass containers.

Other than that, I have a bento box, a wooden tray, a food thermometer., a timer, two water bottles, a timer, and a Fukien.

Matcha items

I have a Matcha set for outdoor use and a set for a tea party. I have three spare Chasen and one spare Chaikin. I also use a strainer and a spoon to sift the matcha.

Counting everything I own

So, as a result, after counting everything I own, how many things do I have? According to my list, I have 371 items.

Compared to 1500 things, one-fourth of the average, I'm quite a minimalist. Have you ever counted everything you own? Share the number in the comments!

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  • Heather Wingo Heather Wingo on Dec 06, 2022

    I have been following you until

    I see you had 12 credit cards! That is not minimalist living!!! I am debt free and could own anything but that’s not the point, is it?

  • Susie Susie on Dec 06, 2022

    You do have far too many credit cards. Not because of the number of items, but that it lowers you credit rating. You only need two!!!!