Small & Minimalist Bathroom Organization Tour

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What in the world is a minimalist bathroom? Well, come see our master bathroom and learn our minimalist bathroom organization tips. I’ll show you where we keep all of our stuff.

As more of our friends become aware of our minimalist lifestyle, the question I seem to get asked quite a bit is “What do you do with all of your stuff?” I thought it may be interesting to see a behind-the-scenes look at one of our hard-working spaces to see how much stuff we actually have and what we do with it.

Small bathroom


Our master bathroom is not that big. The overall dimension is 5½ feet by 5½ feet, not counting the shower. However, it packs a punch with all of its functions. 

DIY bathroom floor tiles

1. Tilework

The tile was done by me! This was my first tile project. We opted to eliminate any shelf or ledge in the shower partly because of cleaning purposes and partly because I didn’t think I could make it waterproof enough.

How to organize a small bathroom

Custom vanity

2. Custom vanity

I saw a similar product in Pottery Barn, but it was costly. I asked my husband if he’d consider building it. It was the first piece of furniture he built. It’s fairly simple in design with basket storage, one real drawer, and one fake drawer front.

The vanity top came from our local Habitat Restore store. I wanted a basic, neutral, simple shape. It cost about $15. The total cost of the vanity was around $50, not including the faucet. The faucet is a simple Delta model. We keep the countertop pretty clear. 

Shower curtain

3. Shower curtain

We opted for a shower curtain instead of a glass shower enclosure. I have contemplated upgrading in the future to a glass enclosure. But the more I’m living with the curtain, the more I like it.

You can take it right off and throw it in the washing machine. It also helps to hide our shower basket on the floor that’s filled with products. The basket is a handy and simple solution so the water drains out so it doesn’t get gross or sticky. 

Hooks and holders

4. Hooks and holders

Our towel hooks and toilet paper holders are also from Delta. We’re not in love with the hooks, though. They don’t hold the towels very well.

Higher model toilet

5. Toilet

It took a while to get used to this higher model. It is supposed to be better for accessibility as you get older. We keep our bathroom spray behind the toilet and the small garbage can. You can see it poking out from behind the can.

Storage in a small bathroom

6. Storage

We use the two baskets under the sink for storage. The left side bin is where we keep pajamas and clothes we are going to wear again.

This is the equivalent of a chair that other people have and they throw clean clothes on. The right side bin is basically our hamper. Next to the basket are surplus products, like toilet paper and shampoos.

Organizing bathroom drawers

7. Drawer

The drawer in the vanity is divided into three parts. My husband and I get one side and we share the middle part. Everything is in its place in the metal baskets that fit perfectly in the drawer. The baskets hold everything from deodorant and shaving products to hair brushes and makeup in one small bag.

Minimalist makeup bag

8. My makeup bag

I have a simple makeup routine and everything fits into this one small bag. I don’t have a special skincare routine so I don’t have lotions. The bag fits in the drawer in my basket.

Minimalist bathroom organization

I hope I answered any questions about our minimalist bathroom storage methods. The simple answer is that we just don’t have a lot of things or stuff so we can keep it in a smaller space. Do you have ways you hide your stuff in the bathroom? Let us know in the comments.   

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  • Judy ring Judy ring on May 23, 2023

    What do you do with seasonal sheets,, blankets, and comforters? It sounds like you don't have any backup deodorant or other items. I put my sheets inside the matching pillowcases but still have 4 of them on the top shelf of my linen closet along with change out towels, etc.