7 Passive Income Ideas For 2022 With Little or No Investment

You've come to the right place if you need passive income ideas. Below are multiple passive income opportunities for beginners. With most of the passive income ideas listed below, anyone can start with very little to no investment.

1. Selling digital products

The first one is selling digital products on Etsy. Selling digital products is one of the biggest goals I set for myself in 2021, and I was able to achieve that by launching my first Etsy shop. I sell word doc resume 


The nicest thing about digital products is that you only have to create them once. All you need to do is to upload them onto your Etsy shop. Whenever a customer is interested in your product, all they need to do is to buy it through Etsy and download it.

If you check on Etsy, many people sell other digital products, such as wedding invitations, digital planners, digital calendars, and digital artwork. There are so many options out there.

Selling online courses for passive income

2. Selling online courses

The next one is selling online courses. If you are a subject matter expert in any area that you think could be in demand, like creating courses about digital marketing and photography, painting, gardening, coding, or even time management and life coaching. Online courses are another type of digital product, but they take a lot more time to create.

Once I finished creating a course, I launched it on Udemy. Eventually, I decided to post the same course on other platforms, such as Skillshare and Skill Success, because I could get the most out of this one course.

Passive income ideas for beginners

3. Amazon FBA

Next is Amazon FBA. Amazon. FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. 

What you do as an Amazon seller is come up with a product idea and find a manufacturer that can create that product.

Once the product is finished, Amazon sellers ship the product from China to an Amazon fulfillment center; then, Amazon takes over the rest.

One quick thing that we need to talk about is that this is not a cheap business to start. With Amazon FBA, you need to invest quite a bit of money upfront because you need to pay to purchase the inventory.

Amazon passive income opportunities

4. Merch by Amazon

Another great alternative to Amazon FBA could be merch by Amazon. What you do with merch by Amazon is you create your merch design. Once you create your design, you can upload it onto merch by Amazon.

When somebody wants to purchase your merch design, amazon will print it and ship it to the customer. This business model is called print on demand, meaning Amazon will only print the design once somebody's purchased it.

How to make passive income through content creation

5. Content creation

The next way that you can create passive income is through creating content. If you like being on video and you like video editing, you can start a YouTube channel.

It's not a secret to anyone that YouTubers do get paid through things like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and brand sponsorships. A lot of popular YouTubers are still making money off of videos that they uploaded years and years ago.

You can always start a podcast if you don't like being on video. Podcasts have been a top-rated source of entertainment, and the nice thing is that all you have to do is record your voice. I also like that podcasting costs less to start; I know plenty of people that created a YouTube channel using just an iPhone. You can monetize your podcasts in a lot of the same ways as you would do with your YouTube channel.  

For those who don't like hearing the sound of your own voice - if you have interesting ideas that you want to share with the world or have valuable information, you can always create a blog.

A lot of people use things like WordPress for their blogs. Or you can also write for platforms like Medium, which will pay you every time somebody reads your posts. A great way to monetize your blog is to start putting Google Ads on it, and every time somebody sees and clicks the ad, you earn some revenue.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is great for people who don't really want to create their own digital or physical products, but want to recommend other people's products and earn commission every time somebody finds the product for you and purchases it. 

One of the most well-known affiliate programs out there is the Amazon Associate Program. If you purchase something on Amazon and you really enjoyed the product, you can recommend it to other people on social media, or on your own blog. Every time somebody uses your link and purchases the product, you get the commission off of it.

7. Dividend investing

Last, the simplest way to make passive income is through dividend investing. Dividend investing is when you purchase stocks that pay quarterly dividends. The way that works is that companies would pay you a small percentage of the stock every month just because you own the stock. Once you have built up a portfolio of strong performing dividend stocks, you can make a genuinely passive income every single month. 

Passive income ideas for 2022

I hope the list of passive income ideas was helpful to you. Try one or all of them to see what passive income idea works best for you. With a bit of time and effort, you can create passive income for years to come!

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