How You Can Save Over $700 a Year With a Home Meat Slicer

by HomeSteadHow

Today, we're going to show you exactly how you can save money on groceries with a home meat slicer. You can save over $700 per year on your grocery bill! Keep reading to find out how.

Home meat slicer

Sliced lunch meat vs home slicing

I'm pretty frugal. I don’t usually like to spend a lot of money unless it's an investment and it will give us a return on our money, and this home meat slicer is just that. This thing is making us money over time, allowing us to cut our own lunch meat. 

The cost of lunch meat is crazy! Jen and I just went to the store  

and we're going to show you the cost of purchasing lunch meat versus slicing it yourself. Also, if you're into hunting, these home meat slicers are great to have around for processing your own game meat. 

How to save money on groceries

So we're going to fire up the home meat slicer and we're going to use the home meat slicer to slice up some ham and make some ham sandwiches today.

Cost comparison

Last week we did turkey. Right now, turkey is $9 per pound at the Walmart deli. If you go through 2 pounds a week as we do for our family of six, that's 104 pounds a year or $936 you're spending on your turkey lunch meat. 

Using a home deli slicer to slice lunch meat

Now, let's say you do that same 104 pounds a year of turkey, but you slice it yourself with your home meat slicer at $2 per pound, you're only looking at $208 per year. That's a $728 savings.

You're reducing your cost of lunch meat by 77% over the course of a year, and the lunch meat is so much better if you slice it yourself. Whole meat doesn't have as many nitrates and chemicals in preservatives, and it's not sitting on the shelf forever. It's fresh. 

Today, we're slicing a sweet honey smoked ham. This is $4.18 per pound. Really nice, high-quality ham that's all pre-cooked. Different flavors, different types of smoke on them.

Using a vacuum sealer to store sliced meat

How to slice and store lunch meat

So in just a few minutes, I was able to slice up the entire 4 pounds of ham with the home meat slicer. You might be wondering, what are you going to do with all the leftovers? Who uses 4 pounds of lunch meat? Well, here's how we store it.

We have this little vacuum sealer from a company called Zwilling and you can vacuum seal these bags or even glass jars. So we'll put some of the ham in a glass jar, and we'll have that for the week. If we have extras, we can freeze them.  

Salad chopped with the home meat slicer

Slicing vegetables with the home meat slicer

The home meat slicer isn't just for lunch meat. Nothing beats a great summer salad, especially when you're using produce from your own homestead, as we do. Cut up some lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers to make a really delicious salad.


How a home meat slicer can save you money

Use a home meat slicer to save money on groceries while eating better in the process. Slice deli meats, vegetables, and even fruit to save the cost of having to pay someone else to do it for you. Enjoy!

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  • Nbdgranny Nbdgranny on Nov 20, 2022

    Nine dollars/lb for turkey????!!!!!!

  • Sylvia Sylvia on Nov 21, 2022

    With the sous vide and our meat slicer, we can have all the RARE ROAST BEEF SANDWICHES we could ever want for $5 to $6 per pound instead of $17 per pound at the deli! Figured out last week that over the course of 2 years, our family ate over 90 pounds of rare roast beef. We didn't even count all the thinly sliced turkey and pork and ham sandwiches we had.