The 30 Best IKEA Products That Top Designers Swear By

Posh Pennies
by Posh Pennies

​​Today we're going to look at the best IKEA products that top designers swear by. IKEA makes affordable, functional furniture that also looks fantastic. From large pieces to pillows, these are the things to buy from IKEA.

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1. HAVSTEN chair

If you want to add some clean, modern lines to your palate patio decor, check out the HAVSTEN chair. They're a little pricey, but they are so worth it. 


2. FARLOV sofa

If you're looking for a well-priced, traditional-style sofa, the FARLOV might be perfect. The design is refined with gently sloping arms, a bench cushion, and an elegant skirt. 

FJADRAR pillow inserts

3. FJADRAR pillow inserts 

At $6, they are an absolute bargain. They're comfortable, and they're a standard throw pillow size so that you can get throw pillow covers from other places, and they're going to work great with these pillows. 

GLADUM side table

4. GLADUM side table

The GLADUM side table is a big favorite among designers due to its design's simplicity and ability to fit in with several different design styles. 

It is a great little accent piece if you're going for the Scandinavian style in your home.



The SALLSKAPLIG bottle is a beautiful piece of glassware. 

It also has a matching glass stopper, which feels like something from another era. 

SKARTSTA stand-up desk

6. SKARTSTA stand-up desk

Decent stand-up desks don't come cheap, so the SKARTSTA stand-up desk is an excellent option if you're looking for that kind of thing for your office. The way you raise the desk is through a manual hand crank. 

SKADIS pegboard

7. SKADIS pegboard 

Another fabulous office gem is this pegboard. IKEA also sells cute little accessories that you can add to this pegboard, like little shelves, clips, and things like that. 

KALLAX in white

8. KALLAX in white 

The White Collection is one of the most used IKEA pieces. It's a cube unit, and it comes in many different sizes. 

It is so versatile. You can flip it up, put it on its side, hack it and add legs to it, and it's just clean and versatile. 

NAVLINGE pendant light

9. NAVLINGE pendant light

I love the gorgeous streamlined design of this pendant light. You can use a couple over a dining table or a kitchen island. It's also a good size, coming in at about 13 inches. 

The NISSAFORS and RASKOG Utility Carts

10. & 11. The NISSAFORS and RASKOG Utility Carts

I love a good utility cart, and both are fantastic options. The RASKOG is more rounded and soft in shape, and the NISSAFORS is more angular and a bit bigger. 

PAX Wardrobe System

12. PAX Wardrobe System 

I agree with the consensus that the PAX wardrobe system is incredible. It's fully customizable, so you can create a closet that works for you. 

LOHALS jute rug

13. LOHALS jute rug

This is a widely used jute rug. It is 100% natural jute and comes in three different sizes. Super durable, it's low maintenance, and the price point is amazing. 

TORSLEV woven rug

14. TORSLEV woven rug

The TORSLEV is a simple but beautiful flat woven rug. It's perfect for any smaller space, like an entryway, laundry room, or back door entry. The price is just incredible at just $19.99 US. 

STOCKHOLM striped rug

15. STOCKHOLM striped rug

It's been used and loved by some of the top designers in the world. It's hand-woven and 100% wool. 

The design is the same on both sides, so you can flip it and get more use out of it. The pattern is super versatile and works with so many different interior styles. 

SINNERLIG pendant light

16. SINNERLIG pendant light

Yet another iconic IKEA piece. It's made of woven bamboo and is a great big size so this pendant will make a statement in your room. It will look great with an interior with a lot of wood tones and plants. 

FROSTA stool

17. FROSTA stool

If you're a fan of authentic Scandinavian midcentury design, then you may know that the FROSTA stool is a dupe of the much more expensive Stool 60 by Finnish midcentury designer Oliver Alto. 

It's stackable and multifunctional. 


18. KULLABERG stool 

If you want a stool that feels a little more industrial, then the KULLABERG could be a better option. 

FADO lamp

19. FADO lamp

This is a ten-inch spherical glass lamp that is incredibly stylish and incredibly versatile. You can place it on the floor, on a shelf in your entryway, or anywhere you want. 

ADELSTEN mortar and pestle

20. ADELSTEN mortar and pestle

The ADELSTEN mortar and pestle are made of hard marble. It looks like a high-end piece of kitchenware. 

KUGGIS storage boxes

21. & 22. KUGGIS and VARIERA storage boxes 

These make all the difference when you're trying to organize your crafts. They're white; they're clean, and they're simple. 

The KUGGIS are lidded and stackable, and they come in a variety of different sizes. 

VARIERA storage boxes

The VARIERA storage boxes aren't lidded.

DYTAG linen curtains

23. DYTAG linen curtains

These 98-inch long linen curtains are a great buy. White, simple, elegant. They provide privacy while still allowing light to filter through the fabric. 

IKORNNES floor mirror and table mirror

24. IKORNNES floor mirror and table mirror 

With the light wood and rounded corners, these mirrors are just gorgeous. 

LINDBYN mirrors

25. LINDBYN mirrors 

I highly recommend the LINDBYN mirror with a black frame. It's minimal, it's simple, and it's going to look amazing in your home. 

BUMERANG white clothes hangers

26. BUMERANG white clothes hangers

Try these hangers. They're simple white wooden clothes hangers and give a lovely, cohesive look to a chaotic section of your home. 

ENUDDEN door hanger

27. ENUDDEN door hanger

The ENUDDEN door hanger hangs directly over your door, so you don't have to put nails in your door. The design is clean and minimal. 

It's white. So if you've got a white door, it will blend right into your door.


28. LOMVIKEN frames

This is a big frame. The LOMVIKEN is great because it doesn't have a chunky obnoxious frame and comes with a big piece of polystyrene instead of glass. 

The best IKEA products

29. & 30. BITTERGURKA and VATTENKRASSE watering cans 

The great thing about these watering cans is that they're functional and don't have to be hidden when you're not using them because they're a beautiful piece of design. 

The best IKEA products

And those are, in my opinion, the best IKEA products. They are practical and beautiful. What are your favorite IKEA products? Let us know in the comments below.

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