Dollar Tree Haul: New Products That Easily Beat Out Amazon

by Simplify

Everyone loves a good Dollar Tree haul no matter what time of year it is. Of course, finding the best deals in town and discovering unique ways to use Dollar Tree’s new products are only half the fun. Because, after all, showing off your new Dollar Tree hauls to all your friends and family members is pretty high up there too.

Ready for the latest in Dollar Tree hauls in 2023?

Kathryn from Do It On A Dime is hitting the stores again to show you all the must-see products this year. With a huge smile on her face and a hole burning in her wallet, she’s ready to shop for the latest and greatest products out there. And she insists that all of them beat what you’d find on Amazon.

Up first, Kathryn is loving the lighting section at Dollar Tree these days. The adjustable LED lamps are great for tabletop use as well as uplighting your artwork. Plus, you can get a great deal on 60 watt light bulbs at Dollar Tree too.

Kathryn is also excited to note that the stackable containers Dollar Tree sells are now available in neutral colors like gray and black. Dollar Tree storage organization products are always popular. And these ones work wonders for storage under your kitchen and bathroom sinks.


Next up, Kathryn takes us to the cleaning aisle where she swears by the new full-size containers of Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner, Carbona oven cleaner, and Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste. And while you’re in this aisle, Kathryn suggests picking up some washing machine cleaner powder, a soap dispenser, and refillable brushes for your dishes as well.

If you have a party coming up, your Dollar Tree haul simply must include the giant balloons they sell, elegant dinnerware, or a rainbow ice cream scoop. They’re just some of the many products out this year that you need to check out.

New Dollar Tree haul

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