Every Dollar Tree Secret You Need to Know This Fall

by Simplify

Though we're still at the beginning of August, some of us are already longing for the indoor warmth and coziness of fall. Beautiful leaves falling, hot chocolates and pumpkin lattes, Halloween... There's so much to look forward to!

Moreover, Kathryn from Do It on A Dime is already thinking about fall deals today! She shares an early guide to Dollar Tree's best fall products, emphasizing the need to shop early due to high demand for these items.

1. Exceptional Kitchen Products

Starting with a wooden chopping board ideal for soft cheeses, Kathryn appreciates the store's selection of wooden items, including a $5 Lazy Susan. She even compares the quality to brands like Target and Kirkland, showcasing items like light-up leaves and centerpieces.

2. Highly Recommended Items

She highlights some of the products which she predicts will sell out fast, such as decorative signs priced at just $1.25, along with cute, wiggly hangers and yard stakes with a neutral pumpkin theme.

3. Affordable DIY Crafts

The segment also includes a DIY tip: tying a chosen ribbon to a faux book stack for a quick decor upgrade. Kathryn features items like faux rolling pins and dollar-priced pumpkins in various colors and textures, demonstrating their usage for attractive home decor.

Budget fall decor: Are you ready for it yet?

4. Advanced DIY Projects

She explains how to create a large, attractive wreath using inexpensive items like a spray-painted hula hoop and a pool noodle, combined with florals and pumpkins. Another ingenious tip includes transforming a Dollar Tree trellis into a versatile greenery display for different seasons.

5. Budget Decorating Hacks

Kathryn shares money-saving hacks like using dried eucalyptus with blue-toned leaves and pumpkins for an elevated look, and using scented brooms in displays to create a high-end ambiance.

6. Handmade Eucalyptus Tree

A standout hack includes creating a tree with dried eucalyptus branches and materials found outside, like a stick and some rocks, stabilized with Dollar Tree floral moss.

7. Elegant Wreath Ideas

Kathryn showcases how to make elegant fall wreaths using hoop wreaths and pumpkin wreath forms, alongside other eye-catching items like wood bead garlands and door hangers.

Fall wreaths such as these will get your home in the perfect autumnal spirit

8. DIY Mantel Decoration

She presents an idea of gluing three signs of preferred colors onto a piece of scrap wood, and pairing with greenery for a giant, intentional display on the mantel.

9. Tiered Trays

Kathryn recommends Dollar Tree's tiered trays, which she fills with textured woven pumpkins and greenery for a great transitional item.

10. Homely Fragrance Hack

To make the home smell inviting, Kathryn suggests simmering Dollar Tree's imitation vanilla extract, oranges, and cinnamon sticks on the stovetop. Her favorite Dollar Tree candle scent is French Toast and Pumpkin Butter.

11. Halloween Decoration Ideas

In the Halloween section, Kathryn recommends drilling a hole into the bottom of plastic cauldrons, adding a diffuser and deco mesh for a fun and affordable decoration. Other suggestions include a candy corn wreath, giant spiderwebs and ghosts, and shadow projectors for the front porch.


In conclusion, Kathryn's unique and creative tips offer a roadmap to affordable yet stylish fall decor that anyone can achieve, even on a budget. Kathryn's guide makes it abundantly clear that, with a little creativity and effort, you can bring the cozy and colorful spirit of fall into your home without breaking the bank.

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