Genius Hacks With Dollar Tree Pool Noodles!

by Simplify

Who knew that a simple pool noodle could be so versatile? Kallie, a master of creative and practical life hacks at But First, Coffee, uncovers the enormous potential of this humble Dollar Tree item. From household organization and DIY art projects to utility aids and outdoor décor, she ingeniously transforms pool noodles into numerous useful items. So, dive in to discover the unexpected and endless possibilities that pool noodles offer!

Cable Management and Safety

Kallie's first ingenious hack turns an ordinary pool noodle into a versatile tool for wire and cable organization. By slicing a lengthwise slit into the noodle, she creates a handy cable organizer. Furthermore, the noodle can double as a door pinch guard, a particularly useful hack for homes with children.

Clothing Care and Painting Aid

Next, Kallie repurposes the slitted pool noodle as a hanger aid for delicate clothes and as a drying spot for paint brushes. The same noodle design also serves as a painting aid, holding brushes aloft while they dry.

Drawer and Basket Organizing

Kallie creatively uses pool noodles as drawer stabilizers, cutting them to size to prevent items from shifting. Additionally, she fills baskets with cut-up noodle pieces and tops them with fake moss, offering a lightweight, cost-effective decorative filler.

Pool noodles

Planter Fillers

When repotted in planters, pool noodles are transformed into practical, reusable lightweight fillers. This not only saves on soil but also makes the planters easier to move.

Utility Helper

With a pool noodle, filling large buckets from a sink becomes a breeze. Acting as a makeshift hose, it's perfect for kids' water play and more.


Kallie proves pool noodles can have an aesthetic purpose too, crafting beautiful wall art and wreaths from cut noodle pieces. By hot-gluing and covering the pieces with materials such as faux flowers, moss, yarn, or fabric, she creates unique and eye-catching decor.

Outdoor Lighting

Lastly, Kallie demonstrates how a pool noodle and a broomstick can create a charming solar-powered light post. After spray painting the assembled piece and adding a solar light on top, she creates a handy light post perfect for gates or doorways.

Through these clever hacks, Kallie elevates the humble pool noodle from simple pool toy to a multi-purpose tool!

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  • Tammy Tammy on Jul 24, 2023

    Too bad there weren't any photos.

  • Tho77126809 Tho77126809 on Aug 10, 2023

    I cut a pool noodle into about 1 1/2” pieces and slit each one. I used them to hold the plastic table cloths on the picnic tables for a party. Two on each end. Worked great!