Her A-Frame Tiny House on Wheels Can Be Packed Up & Down So Easily

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Luz Lituma, lives with her dog Milo, in an A-frame tiny house on wheels, which she pulls behind her Subaru Forester. She’s been on the road for years, but only recently upgraded to an Aliner camper. Her goal is to establish a community of nomadic, outdoorsy people.

Here’s how she lives in her A-frame tiny house on wheels.

The Aliner has a small kitchen built-in, with a mini fridge, a sink, and a portable stovetop. There’s also a tiny shelf for dishes and appliances, which are powered by an Eco-Flow battery. When Lucy is ready to travel, she clears off all the counters to allow the walls to fold down.

The built-in bed was too small for Luz to use comfortably. Instead, she cut it into two small seats, with storage underneath, which Luz uses for eating and as a workspace.

Luz sleeps in a bed on the other side of the Aliner. Her mattress has storage underneath. Above her bed is a small window; she likes watching the morning sunrise from her bed.

Her Aliner allows her to enjoy the outdoors

Also in her tiny house on wheels is a portable toilet, a chest of drawers, and a portable snack bag to take on the road. The tiny house on wheels also has an A/C unit, but it’s rarely used.

For the most part, Luz has kept the tiny house on wheels the way she bought it. But she did paint the walls. They used to be cream-colored, but she changed to a calm, homey, light green.

When Luz reaches a campsite, she unpacks her compact table and prepares to cook outside. She also sets up her Go Power solar panels, to charge her battery. Luz leaves her shoes on a rug outside, allowing her to be barefoot indoors.

A-frame tiny house on wheels

Luz explains that it used to be scary camping alone, as a woman. Finding a community, having a secure camper home, and having a supportive family have helped her on her nomadic journey.

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  • Phyllis Phyllis on Oct 14, 2022

    What do you do for a living?

  • Vicki Vicki on Nov 03, 2022

    Luz, this was so exciting to watch. You really need to come to the UP of Michigan ! It has all you’re looking for - friendly people, places to hike and so much to do!