Living in an Ultra Low-Budget Tiny Home & "Man Cave" Workshop Garage

by Simplify

Keith lived in his budget tiny home for four years before moving into a “man cave” garage as his permanent home.

Keith built the 48-square-foot DIY tiny home himself, using cheap and reused materials. The outside is made out of herringbone wood pallets, with a metal roof. The yard trailer base has a treated deck and acts as a good foundation for the trailer. The trailer has outside pull-out drawers that are perfect for a grill and outdoor cooking.

Keith turned a second-hand engine grate into the back porch, used an old propane tank for the porch light, and reclaimed windows for the windows. He found a 1960s kids’ lunchbox and used it as his mailbox. Thanks to his frugal use of reclaimed materials, the DIY build came out at only $8,000.

Despite the cheap build, the trailer has all the essentials, such as a propane water heater for taking hot showers, and a roof pop-top that allows you to stand comfortably.

Keith later moved into a garage

After he found a permanent job building and doing renovations, van build-outs, woodworking, and mechanics, Keith decided to settle down, but still wasn’t ready for big home living. Instead, he moved into a 400-square-foot garage that is part home, part man cave.

The garage is a workshop that houses Keith’s tools. It has a French cleat wall with a wide array of hanging tools, and it also has its own chop saw station with wooden beams of all different sizes. The other half has his TV, La-Z-Boy chair, mini-fridge/freezer, and bed. Keith has access to the bathroom, kitchen, and other facilities in the main house.

Ultra low-budget tiny home & workshop garage

Keith’s living situation provides the perfect mix of alternative and more traditional living, with a unique garage home setup that also has the amenities of larger home living.

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