This UFO-Inspired Futuro House is an Homage to the 1970s

by Simplify

This Futuro house looks like a UFO from the outside and is an homage to the 1970s once you step through the door.

Futuro houses were first built by Matti Suuronen in 1968. These houses were meant to be portable vacation homes inspired by the design of the future. Today, there are only 60 left around the world, and many are collectors items. However, this Futuro Airbnb in New Zealand opens this unique type of home up to the public, allowing them to have an authentic 1970s experience.

Nick has been in love with the Futuro house ever since he would drive past them as a child riding in his father’s car. He has made it his mission to create a Futuro house interior that remains loyal to the original, but with some nifty original touches, such as sliding beds that allow for more legroom and storage space.

The highlight of the home is the living room, which has a circular shape and open-air plan that gives it a spacious feeling. The room is full of authentic 1970s memorabilia, including a 1970s television and radio, a shaggy floor rug, and a red wrap-around couch with colorful pillows, which are complemented by the purple walls.

Renovated Futuro "UFO" house

Authentic Luigi Colani table and chairs in white, orange, yellow, and red, complete the look and provide a little dining area, while the compact kitchen allows guests to prepare their own food during their stay.

In addition to space for bunk beds for up to 4 kids, the Futuro also has a king-size bed, making it perfect for a family vacation. It also has exquisite grounds that include a swimming pool and McDonald’s memorabilia, contributing to the theme park feel.

Futuro house

All in all, this fully-restored Futuro house, with its authentic 1970s interior, provides a “Back to the Future” vibe that is a great recipe for a fun family vacation.

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  • Lynda Barr Lynda Barr on Sep 11, 2022

    Wow!! I love it!! Very cozy and livable. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Marion DiCiacco Marion DiCiacco on Sep 11, 2022

      where is it located. In the the USA I would love to visit it. Are you renting it. How much per week,, or short stays I have always loved the round house. This is incredible. Love the grounds too. Thank you for showing it

  • Susie Susie on Sep 12, 2022

    Just visited one in Frisco NC with over-the-top alien-themed grounds! So fun!