How to Build a Tiny House on a Budget

by Simplify

Wondering how to build a tiny house on a budget? Look no further than Pim. He recently converted a used worker’s cabin on wheels into a low-budget tiny house with a smart design. Plus, he now has it parked in a tiny house village with a garden and community center for all to enjoy. Life just doesn’t get any better than that.

Here's the tour by Alternative House:

Wanting to complete a budget tiny house build on his own, Pim started out by collecting wood from his previous house and around the art school he attended. These reclaimed pieces now make up a large part of his kitchen area, where white-painted cabinets, wood countertops, and a wood backsplash are both functional and noticeable features in his home.

In order to be as energy efficient as possible, Pim went on to install only those electronics that had an A++ label. Likewise, he doesn’t have hot water plumbed into his budget tiny house either so he could be more mindful of the resources he was using. When necessary, he simply heats water up in his pressure cooker and then uses it to wash dishes or bathe.

Building a house

Other things to note as you look over his build are a normal-sized bed, a small monitor for watching tv or using the computer, a workstation, a bathroom, and infrared panels for heat.

Once used to give workers a space to relax and enjoy lunch while on break, Pim purchased the second-hand cabin and got started with the demo work right away. The cabin had also been used as a food truck at one point, so there was still a large cutout in the wall. Pim saw that as a great opportunity to have a custom window built and installed there.

Not too shabby for someone learning how to build a tiny house on a budget as he went.

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