This Off-Grid Tiny House on Wheels Features Scandi Minimalist Design

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This off-grid tiny house on wheels in Ontario, Canada, combines style and tiny living at the same time.

The house was built by Lee and his business partner, Payam, who together have started a business, Instead Tiny Homes, which creates alternative homes. Lee, his wife Rebecca, and their adorable baby, now live in the tiny house together.

The house is inspired by the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic. It has a pine plywood floor and walls in the living area, with custom-built pine plywood furniture such as the pantry and matching ladder to the loft. The couch, topped with reused cushions, is located right next to a large window, giving it a light and airy feeling.

There’s a galley-style kitchen with a stainless steel countertop and a granite sink. There's also a breakfast bar and pull-out coffee table/bench that doubles as shoe storage.

The interior design follows the Scandi minimalist aesthetic

Canadian winters can be very cold, so staying warm was a major concern when designing this off-grid tiny house on wheels. Rock wall insulation and spray foam in the roof were used, plus there is a propane stove, which can heat the small space well.

In order to prevent the pipes from freezing, there is a protective solar shed on a raised platform for the home’s solar power, water, and electricity. Lee and Rebecca admit that during the winter they are more likely to run the generator because they need to run the heating so often, as it can easily get to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the summer, however, there is a nice cross breeze from the loft and living room windows.

Originally Rebecca and Lee slept in the ground floor bedroom, however, after their baby was born, they converted this into his room and moved to the bedroom loft, which has a skylight and a cozy queen-size bed.

Off-grid tiny house on wheels

This off-grid tiny house on wheels in the Canadian wilderness shows that tiny living can be a wonderful lifestyle for a family of three.

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