How a 1890s Horse Stable Became a Cozy, Barn-Style Tiny Home

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This barn tiny home in Toronto shows that an 1890s horse stable can, in fact, be a comfortable and cute human abode. The tiny home cabin is reached via a path through the yard of the main house, giving it an enclosed, tranquil feel even though it’s close to Toronto’s busy streets. The outdoor terrace includes a pergola and seating for hanging out when the weather is nice.

The DIY cabin has a small Dutch door with a stained glass window. When you come in there is a narrow table with space below for shoes and hooks for keys. A massive closet is the main storage area in the cabin, with sliding barn doors that set the decorative tone for the house and harken back to its history as a stable. A closet with a barn door hides the stacked washer and dryer unit.

The rough sawn wood and exposed planks continue the rustic theme, but do not prevent the house from feeling comfortable: A three-seater couch beside two large windows provides the perfect space to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, using the chest/coffee table that doubles as storage space.

This tiny home used to be a barn

Since it is located in Canada, heating this barn tiny home was a major concern for the owner. So, he installed four different methods of heating: the wood-burning oven, an in-floor heating system, an electric wall heater, and a portable oil heater.

The house is also equipped with air conditioning to keep it cool during the summer. Two large ceiling fans circulate the air, which is especially necessary for the loft, as it can get quite hot.

Barn tiny home

This barn converted into a tiny home is a great example of how a little bit of creative thinking can transform unconventional spaces into tiny home solutions.

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