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Architect Alicja Szmal-Baehr, owner of Alicja Szmal Studio, shows us her new Scandi-style apartment in Poznań, Poland that she designed to maximize space.

She lives in the 452-square-foot Scandi apartment with her husband and their dog. Alicja gives us a tour to explain her design choices.

1. Layout

A small wooden patio leads into the entryway of the apartment. The patio becomes an extended living space for the couple in warmer weather.

Once inside the apartment, there’s a large wall of cabinetry that separates the foyer from the living spaces, which include living and dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

2. Materials and furniture

Alicja chose materials and soothing colors found in nature, including creamy linen curtains, wool upholstery, and wood furniture, including the sculptural kitchen island.

For the living room, two chaise lounges form a compact L-shaped sofa that can be rearranged to create a guest bed. The compact dining room table extends to fit 10 people.

The flooring throughout the apartment is a smooth, seamless neutral microcement material that ties the space together..

3. Storage

The key to this apartment’s outstanding design is the way Alicja designed the storage throughout the space.

In each room, she designed sleek modern walls of built-in storage without any visible hardware to create visual clutter.

The floor-to-ceiling storage walls do not overwhelm the space but once open, there’s an abundance of shelving and storage.

She uses the concept of a storage wall in every room of the apartment, including the kitchen and bathroom. 

The apartment is inspired by Scandi style interior design

4. Kitchen

The kitchen island also acts as a barrier between the kitchen, living, and dining space, and she designed it to contain all the appliances, plus ample storage.

The kitchen wall opposite the island is designed to house a hidden refrigerator, and when opened, the wall reveals shelving, cabinets, plus counter space. 

Alicja’s design proves that a small space can include everything to live comfortably and well. There’s no excess or wasted space that needs to be maintained.

What do you think about this beautiful, small Scandi apartment design? Let us know in the comments.

Scandi-style apartment

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  • Jud32325892 Jud32325892 on Apr 12, 2023

    Absolutely love your apartment. The layout is perfect and the furnishings are beautiful. 👏👏😁

  • Leila Capell Leila Capell on Apr 19, 2023

    Beautifully designed. It looks bigger than it actually is. The kitchen is a touch of genius.