How She Built a Cheap DIY Tiny Home With Just $3,000

by Simplify

Building a cheap DIY tiny home with only $3000 in your pocket isn’t just a pipe dream—it can actually become your reality.

With such a small sum of money dedicated to the project, Sophie turned her sketches into existence when she began building a tiny home in Byron Bay, Queensland just a few short years ago. Being priced out of the real estate market in her area, her mother suggested that Sophie build tiny, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Corrugated sheets

And while the cost to build a tiny home of this caliber is certainly astounding, the money isn’t the only thing that draws your attention when it comes to touring cheap tiny homes like these.

Sophie’s home, in particular, stands apart from others thanks in large part to the mostly recycled products she used throughout the home.

While she tried to rely solely on reclaimed materials, the task was slightly harder than she originally expected, but she is still proud of what she was able to accomplish when working toward her goal.

To build a tiny home like hers, it took a lot of natural materials—such as cedar weatherboards and shingles—reclaimed iron, and locally-sourced silky oak.

Sophie’s cheap DIY tiny home also incorporates unique features like an outdoor bathroom, a storage loft, a wood stove, a hammock, and plenty of space for her loom, which she uses to make textiles with for a living.

She also added pretty little touches throughout, like the live edge shelves in her kitchen and a hand-made sliding barn door made out of reclaimed cedar and other hardwoods.

Lastly, to utilize solar power in her cheap DIY tiny home, Sophie installed an inverter, batteries, and a regulator, which she then tucked away inside her home in order to keep them out of the weather and remain out of sight.

Cheap DIY tiny home

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  • Michelle Michelle on Dec 06, 2022

    You need to do a Tiny Home in Alberta,Canada? All I have seen are places that don’t reach a -40C temperature

  • Lailasultani Lailasultani on Dec 12, 2022

    ev looks cool, except for bedroom with low ceilings omg I don’t imagine myself sleeping on that room. One time we went on cruise, I had to sleep either on top which was very close to ceiling, but then I slept in the lower bunk bed. How do you survive being live alone?