They Built This Micro Tiny House on Wheels For Just $1,800

by Simplify

Jack and Riley built a “micro tiny” house on wheels in Minnesota for only $1800. This is the second micro house they have built, the first one being a tiny A-frame cabin for just $2500.

Living on the road

The intention was to be able to take the cabin with them when they go on adventures, so now they tow it with their Subaru Outback and travel around the country. The size of the house is therefore dictated by the weight limit of 2000 pounds. The house is 32 square feet and weighs 1600 pounds.

Jack says it took him 6 days to construct the shell of the house. The door they got for free, and the two identical windows off Facebook Marketplace.

To shower, they use a contraption consisting of a bucket and a rechargeable shower pump connected to a shower head, which they fix outside the cabin. The role of a toilet is fulfilled by a bucket with a toilet seat. A portable diesel heater keeps the couple warm in the winter.

On the inside, there are two couches that are transformed into a twin-size bed at night. The kitchenette consists of just the essentials: a single burner stove, a pantry, some cooking tools, and dishes made of aluminum to make sure they don’t break if they fall. A cooler does the job of a refrigerator just fine.

Micro tiny house on wheels

The couple says that the micro house on wheels has allowed them to get out on the road and enjoy their life the way they want. With a baby on the way, however, Jack and Riley are thinking of upgrading their micro-housing situation to something a bit more spacious.

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