Tour This Cozy Tiny House That Is Miles Away From Any Big City

I'm thrilled to share with you my tiny house tour.

I am living in a tiny home community in the White Mountains of Arizona. I've been living in this tiny home for almost four months; the dimensions are 11 feet by 34 feet.

The monthly cost for renting this lot space is $459, and that includes the city water, sewer, and trash.

Tiny house

1. Outside tour

On the outside of the home, on that side, is a little storage shed so that I can put things like suitcases. The lot's quite large, so I had a second set of utilities set up because I plan to build a smaller, casita-type place to be a guest home or an Airbnb spot.

2. Inside tour

Inside is about 399 square feet on the bottom floor. I also have a top-floor loft bedroom area that's about 64 square feet. I wanted a cozy cabin atmosphere, so I had natural wood on the walls and the ceilings. I also wanted an open, spacious feeling so the ceilings go up to about 12 feet.

Inside tiny house

3. Kitchen

I wanted the kitchen space to feel nice and open, with a lot of storage space and cabinet space since I don't have a pantry. I have full-size appliances. I also have a blind-based cabinet down here, so it goes all the way to the back. I store things that are lighter, like napkins and things, further back in there, along with Tupperware and things like that.

I have space for food, baking, and cooking supplies. I have a lovely large sink. I love having a window looking out, letting light in, and just looking out while I am doing dishes.

I have more space than I need at the moment, but I like it because I can grow into it. There is a lazy Susan down here. I keep the cat food and treats down here. There is a nice pull-out trash can. The kitchen overall works great for me.

Inside tiny house

I wanted to have a spot for my printer and laptop.

I have a space with cabinets on this side of the peninsula. There's an outlet built into the cabinet down there, so I can keep the printer on and charge my laptop.

Inside tiny house

4. Catio

I have a second door on the other side of the home, and this leads to a little catio. So, it's a lovely space for the cats to come out and hang out when it's not too windy or snowy.

Stepping back inside, I have some coat hangers. I can hang my purses up here; then I have a nice little area for my shoes and a little area for my books over here as well.

5. Living room

There is a little custom litter area for the cats. I asked the builder to incorporate it into the staircase area. I thought that would be a good use of space.

Inside tiny house

I have my couch here, so I needed pretty specific dimensions just because it's a bit narrower.

I got this couch at Ikea, and because I wanted the ability to have guests over, I got this model that we can pull out. There's also some storage underneath this side of the couch. I'm using it just for extra blankets and shoes.

For the rest of the living area, there's a nice little TV monitor here. I didn't get a table or coffee table, so I just got this cute couch cozy thing. That way, I don't spill drinks, and I can have snacks.

Inside tiny house

6. Laundry area

We moved our washer and dryer. I have a little nook for extra towels, little projects, and items for around the house, little tools and things.

I wasn't too concerned about trying to hide the laundry area since I use it on a daily basis. I ended up going with the two separate units since they fit under the upstairs area perfectly.

Inside tiny house

7. Bathroom

I have a nice full-size shower tub combo, and the tile work in here is beautiful.

The vanity is 36 inches wide and has plenty of room for me to store things.

Inside tiny house

On this side of the bathroom is the toilet, and a small area has a water heater.

Inside tiny house

I also store my vacuum and broom, extra coats, and purses. I can also hang extra towels and jewelry.

The layout works really well. It doesn't feel too cramped or crowded at all.

Inside tiny house

8. Upstairs

We created a hallway so that I could stand without bumping my head. I have just a nice little closet here where I have plenty of room for my clothes to hang. I have some extra clothes down here.

Inside tiny house

9. Bedroom

My bedroom fits a queen-sized bed, and I have a room all the way around the bed. I have some more storage space under here. There's also a pull-out drawer under the bed on that side. I use that for extra sheets. It's a charming, cozy space. I can sit up just fine.

One feature I had added was a little barn door. One reason why I added the barn door was that my idea was to have guests stay up in this room, and they could close the barn door for privacy. It's just nice to have a little extra privacy for myself if I need it.

Tiny house

10. Tiny house cost

My tiny house cost about $141,000 total, and that doesn't include the appliances, furniture, or decor. I did take out a small personal loan to cover those things. I've looked at all of my monthly bills, and even with the loan, it's still lower than my monthly rent in Phoenix, so there's a big difference there.

It's been a little bit of an adjustment moving from a big city at about a thousand feet above sea level to a small town at almost 7,000 feet elevation, but it's beautiful up here. I love the clean air, the clouds, and the almost daily sun, even though it gets cold in the winter and it snows

Where I live, it's convenient. I'm not really rural so I can pop on down to the store. There are a few lakes within a couple of minutes' drive that you can walk around, and so I really love it up here.

Tiny house park

Tiny house tour

I enjoy living in this tiny house community.

What I really enjoy the most about tiny house living is it feels like I can decompress and slow down a little bit more in my day-to-day life. It feels nice and cozy. Since I really helped with design ideas, it feels like my home, which is essential.

I hope my tiny house tour has given you inspiration for designing your own tiny house. Were you surprised by the tiny house cost? Let me know in the comments if you think tiny house living is for you.

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  • Hope Hope on May 11, 2024
    I love your home!! I really like the catio too. We’ve been thinking about making one for our cat (and his litter box). Tiny Homes have always intrigued me. It floors me that they seem to cost almost as much as a 'standard home’ build tho'. I had ‘assumed’ that “tiny” would be a bit more affordable. Granted…I have no experience with a new-home-build of any kind so my sticker-shock stems from ignorance. 🤪