She Lives Off Her Social Security in a Tiny House Village

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Luanne is an owner of a tiny house called “The Nest”. Luanne shares that the idea of downsizing to just the essentials has always been attractive to her, although a bit scary at the same time. When she learned about a tiny house community called Incredible Tiny Homes, she bought the house for under $79,000.

Tiny house

The house is 10 feet wide, 28 feet long, and 13.5 feet tall, and Luanne says it is the perfect size for her dog and her. She also hosts dinner parties, and the living area (with a fireplace!) fits ten people.

The loft is separated from the rest of the house with a bookcase, which allows for some privacy when Luanne has people over. There is also a shed that accompanies each house in the tiny house village, which she has painted to match the house.

The kitchen is very functional, with a toaster oven and air fryer in one, a microwave, and all the basics. Luanne’s only complaint is the cooktop that is located on the counter: she says she would rather buy a portable one in order to have more space when she is not actively cooking.

Luanne has decorated her house extensively for Christmas. There are a couple of decorations outside, including a Christmas tree, and a pine garland around the door. There are also garlands all around the house. Luanne says she loves decorating, and for Christmas especially.

Living in a tiny house village

Luanne is very happy in the tiny house retirement community. She manages to live solely off of her social security retirement checks. She does a lot of crafts and enjoys nature. Two other important things she has found by retiring in a tiny house are financial freedom and a sense of community.

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  • Karrin Karrin on Jan 16, 2023

    I love tiny homes. Now that the children and grandchildren are grown I am going tiny. Moving it to FLORIDA.

    If a hurricane is coming I can move my tiny home out of harms way. No big insurance to pay.

    I want a few acres to ride my ATV. For dogs to run.


    • Gin Gin on Jan 16, 2023

      Be careful letting your dogs run. My daughter lives in Florida and the snakes, poisonous frogs, fire ants etc. I wouldn’t go out if it was dark because of what is out there not to mention alligators! It’s beautiful hot and I thought of moving there until I went to visit. They have many areas set up for wild life close to housing developments. If your thinking rural it’s worse for critters. I forgot to mention wild vicious pigs that kill.

      Good luck

  • Mei53288697 Mei53288697 on Jan 25, 2023

    You are right about that Gin. Lived in the Panhandle. This was decades ago, rented a house that had wood roaches. Had never heard of them, but wow. I put out a roach motel in the kitchen. Silly roach was wearing it on his head like a hat. Swear.