7 RV Hacks You Should Know That Will Make RV Living Much Easier

We wish we had known these secrets years ago. For some of these RV hacks, we've had our RV for years and didn't even know about them! So, today we've got the seven top RV secrets exposed!

1. Refrigerator

This secret is one that's very timely. With the hot summer RV months coming up. We have had so many issues with our RV refrigerator not cooling properly.

But, I have recently learned several RV secret refrigerator RV hacks that I'm going to share with you right now on how to cool down this particular type of Dometic RV refrigerator. 

RV refrigerator hack

The first is the use of fans. We're going to take a small fan and plug it in here and just run it inside the refrigerator on the top shelf. And I'm going to turn it on high. And then I'm going to point it back at the fins inside the refrigerator. 


Another tip that we recently learned was not to have a lot of items packed up against the edge of your refrigerator. You want a little bit of space so that you get this circulation through the refrigerator. 

Secret storage under an RV couch or bed

2. Secret storage 

Right behind the TV, there's this cove area, and we keep luggage back there on both sides. In the luggage, you can store clothing.


The couch actually has a secret storage area too. These cushions just come right off like this, and it folds out. If you have a similar couch in your RV, then you can stash some of the stuff here that you don't use on a regular basis. 


Another secret storage area that we have in the RV is under the bed. Not only are there drawers under the bed, but you can also fit a lot of stuff in there. It's super easy to raise it up. And then there's also drawers down here that are kind of hidden. 

RV hack for campgrounds

3. RV length in campgrounds

Here's an RV hack that you probably don't realize. If you actually go to an RV site and walk it out, you can sometimes fit into a smaller size than advertised. 


When you see that the size limit for an RV for a particular camp spot is, say, 40ft, what that means is that's probably the average. They've got some spots that will accommodate RVs larger than 40ft, but maybe the majority of them are for less than 40ft, so they'll just pick an average number instead. 

RV secret outlet in the closet

4. RV secret outlet

Rv tips and tricks for travelers include looking for the outlet inside the closet. I like to use that outlet for charging my phone because I use my phone as I go to sleep for my meditation.

I also use it for my alarm clock. For that, I put it in this little slot on top of a little container. When it's lifted up, it casts the time up on the ceiling. 

How to stay at campgrounds for 55+ only

5. Campgrounds 55+

So, how many of you have run into RV parks that are only for 55+ years of age? What you might not realize is that you can actually stay in those. 


I don't know all the technical definitions, but there's a HUD federal statute for these 55+ communities. But, per the statute, these parks and campgrounds are allowed to have up to 20% less than 55 years old, and it's totally at their discretion whether to let you in or not. 


So, you can certainly call them and ask to see if you can stay. I think some things that would help are if you're traveling without kids, maybe without pets, staying for a short amount of time, or being a little bit closer to your 50s. 

Using a pizza stone in an RV oven

6. RV oven hack

RV ovens are terrible. They're run on propane, and when you turn on the propane and it ignites, the flame is actually on the bottom. So, if you're cooking something, it's going to burn in the middle and not cook on the edges.

One of the tricks that I heard about is a pizza stone. You put it in on top of where the flame is and it absorbs the heat, and it evenly distributes all of the heat in the oven. 


I really don't use my oven much but I do use it for storage. So, I keep, like, different kinds of pans and stuff in here and just miscellaneous stuff as well.

RV hacks you should know

7. Campground RV age limit hack

So, how many of you have heard about the 10-year-old RV limitation? That's if your RV is older than 10 years old, there are a lot of RV parks and campgrounds that won't allow you to come in. Well, there are exceptions to that.

You can actually contact the park and send a picture of your RV. You can let them know that it's been well taken care of, that you have remodeled it, or you can say you simply really need to stay at their campground and ask them for an exception because we have stayed at RV parks where they had that limit before.


RV hacks

So, how many of these secrets were true RV hacks to you? And do you have any more secrets to share with us? Let us know which ones you would use in the comments below.

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