Clever Cornstarch Hacks That Save Time & Money

Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet
by Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

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Clever Corn Starch Hacks Chemistry Cachet

Today we are sharing some really clever cornstarch hacks that will save you time and money!

As we get into this fall season, it is common to buy cornstarch to thicken certain stews or sauces, even baked goods.

It never fails, I end up having a jar or box of cornstarch in my pantry for a year and never use it again! Most recipes only call for a small amount too.

The good news is, corn starch is actually a product you should keep on hand anyways because it works better than other things for many types of issues!

Clever Cornstarch Hacks That Save Time & Money

Clever CornStarch Hacks on Chemistry Cachet

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The Chemistry Of Cornstarch

To understand these corn starch hacks and how they work, it helps to see some of the science! Cornstarch has a chemical formula of C27H48O20, and it is made through a refining process from corn kernels. The last stage of this process involves separating the starch from the gluten giving you pure corn tarch.

Physically, cornstarch goes t through a gelatinization process when it it is heated with water. This is why it is a common thickening agent in foods.

Also, with its chemical structure, it can work to absorb molecules like odors or grease. It also contains antimicrobial properties.

Clean up grease splatters from walls

Due to cornstarches structure, it is one of the best things for grease. If you happen to get grease on your wall or back splash while cooking, you can use a little corn starch to immediately absorb the grease. It also soaks up grease on a counter or cabinet. You can sprinkle the cornstarch or apply it with a towel. You can also dampen the cornstarch a little on a towel before applying to make a paste. No matter how you use it, it will get the job done!

Remove oil stains from fabrics

It also does well on fabrics! This can be a chair or clothing that gets a grease stain. If you can sprinkle cornstarch on the stain right away, it will soak up all the grease, then you can wash it like normal. If the grease stain has been there a little longer or set in, you can still apply it to soak up the grease. You can follow up with a regular stain remover and wash as normal.

Homemade slim

If you have kids or grandkids around, try a simple recipe with corn starch to make slim. It is so simple to make! And it doesn’t take much time either. Here is a cool recipe:

Apply to itchy bug bites

Just like with the grease absorption, the nature of cornstarch makes it really great for bug bites. If you apply a small amount to a bite, it will stop the itching and can also help with swelling.

Make omelets really fluffy

If you add just a pinch of cornstarch to eggs, it makes them puff up. This makes recipes like omelets really fluffy and soft! I have started doing this, and it makes the omelet look so pretty and cook better too.

Absorb musty odors

Similar to baking soda, cornstarch can actually absorb bad odors. If you sprinkle cornstarch on a book with musty pages or a drawer that has some bad odor, it will absorb the odors! You can also sprinkle it onto carpet to freshen it up, then vacuum! I would say it might work even better than baking soda since the texture is more fine!

Separate sticky foods

Cornstarch can aid in separating sticky foods like marshmallows. We had a bag of marshmallows sitting around and we wanted to make some s’mores. All of the marshmallows were stuck together, so I just sprinkled in cornstarch, shook the bag, and they were perfect! You can try this with all types of foods like this.

Make a homemade foot soak

Cornstarch is a popular ingredient in many foot soaks you buy, but you can also make your own. Here is a recipe that uses cornstarch and sea salt for a great foot soak! With the antimicrobial and deodorizing benefits of cornstarch, it can benefit your feet in many ways 🙂

Sprinkle in your shoes

Like above, cornstarch can really help with your feet including absorbing moisture. My husband learned this trick in the military. If you sprinkle a little cornstarch inside your shoes also lightly on your soaks, it can prevent athlete’s foot. It does this by keeping your feet, socks, and shoes more dry. Constant moisture in your shoes and socks can cause athlete’s foot.

Other cornstarch questions…

Here are the answers to some common questions readers have about cornstarch.

Does cornstarch eliminate odors?

Yes! This is another benefit of sprinkling in your shoes and using in a foot soak. It is antimicrobial, but also the structure makes it great at absorbing odors in many ways. You can try it out on many surfaces like fabrics too.

What does cornstarch do in window cleaner?

You might have seen this little tip floating around online. But you can add a small amount of corn starch to aid a homemade window cleaner! If you use our DIY outdoor window cleaner and add in about 1/2 tsbp of cornstarch, it can help clean stuck on grime off. Since corn starch is gently abrasive, but also dissolves in vinegar or cold water, it doesn’t scratch surfaces.

Is any type good for these cornstarch hacks?

Yes, just make sure the label only says cornstarc h with no added ingredients.

Is cornstarch one word or two?

You will notice that some of our graphics have it as two words, but the article has it as one word. I always spend time looking up things like this because you see it both ways! If you buy cornstarch it is two words on the packaging “corn starch” , but in most articles online, it is written as one word. So, just FYI if someone notices 🙂 Here is an article from Chicago Tribune that explains more.

I hope you enjoyed all these great cornstarch hacks!



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