How to Easily Organize a Freezer & Make a Freezer Meal Plan

I have a love-hate relationship with my freezer. I wish it was bigger, or I wish I had a second freezer, but that is impossible in terms of power bills. I have decided to organize my freezer and take inventory of what is in there.

After I do that, I will use my whiteboard to create a freezer meal plan and see how many meals I can make for my family out of all the foods I have accumulated in my freezer. Let’s go freezer meal planning!

  1. Ice cubes. I like chewing on ice, it is one of my favorite sensory things to do.
  2. Four arancini pesto balls
  3. Three packs of minced meat
  4. Frozen pizza
  5. Four pieces of puff pastry
  6. McCain superFries
  7. Four frozen fish
  8. Spinach and cheese sausage roll
  9. Beef
  10. One serving of chips
  11. Six sausages
  12. Cookie dough
  13. Diced pumpkin
  14. Leftover curry
  15. Multiple bags of frozen vegetables: broccoli and cauliflower
  16. Chicken strips
  17. Ham for pizzas
  18. Chopped onions
  19. Five bone-in chickens. I tend to buy these chickens when they are on clearance, and then they sit in the freezer forever.
  20. Butter chicken pie
  21. Boneless chicken roast with sweet potato stuffing
  22. Haloumi chips
  23. Lasagna sheets which I made fresh, chopped up and froze
  24. Sausage meat
  25. Chicken breast
  26. Three minces
  27. Chicken roast
  28. Market Fare Cauliflower bake from Aldi. This is the best, highly recommend.
  29. Stir fry meat
  30. Lemon juice cubes
  31. Cut up sweet potatoes
  32. Thai chicken
  33. Diced chicken
  34. Lamb burgers
  35. Diced beef
  36. Two packs of roast beef
  37. Two packs of diced lamb
  38. Beef brisket
Going through the freezer

While I was going through my freezer, I put some of the items in the fridge to defrost them and use them for the upcoming meals.

I have decided to use the leftover curry for my hubby’s dinner tonight; the chicken strips are for my son because they are among the few things he likes to eat; one of those clearance chicken I will make for dinner tomorrow night, and I will definitely make stir fry one of the upcoming days.

I also defrosted the sausage mince, as well as a puff pastry and sausages.

Making a meal plan with freezer items

Now I am going to put everything else in a very loose meal plan to work out how long all this meat would last us without any more shopping. I need to juggle quite a few things, because my family is picky both in terms of foods in general and sensory issues, so not every meal would fit everyone.

Meal plan

Overall, we have 25 meals. On the left, I wrote what the family would eat, and then on the left additional meals for my son. I will fill up these holes with chicken nuggets and chips, or some more pizza or bits and pieces that he eats.

I clearly need to find some more pesto bowls at the shop, and then just be able to fill his section in. For everyone else, however, we have enough meals to last us nearly for a whole month.

Moreover, I already know I forgot to take some of the products into consideration, so I always recommend making lists and writing everything down to help you remember. Moreover, the main conclusion from this entire process is - label your bags, it saves lives.

How to organize a freezer

My freezer feels a lot less packed now, and I am calm knowing what it holds inside. I have also cleaned all the drawers, which is important to do from time to time.

How to organize a freezer

Do you also always feel like your freezer is too small, like me? How often do you go over your freezer? Do you take inventory? Have you tried freezer meal planning?

Tell me how you deal with your freezer in the comments below. If you have any freezer organization tips, feel free to leave them in the comments as well.

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