Save Money by Cooking Even When You Are Not Home

by MoneyNing

I recently experienced a “first” while I was in Las Vegas over the weekend. No it’s probably not what you are thinking since what I’m referring to is cooking while my wife and I are on a trip together. I never thought it was possible but the dinner actually turned out great. We had delicious food, we had fun and we saved a ton of money too.

It all started when my wife noticed that the hotel we stayed at offered a gas grill by the pool side. As our room also provided a dishwasher, plates and utensils, my wife decided to prepare some chicken wings to grill on Saturday night.

It was quite surprising to come back to the hotel room to find uncooked food on the counter but after my wife explained the plans, I was delighted to help and start our evening.

Why Cooking During Our Trip was Amazing

The gas grill worked great and we had a lovely dinner outdoors while watching the stars. Here are some other reasons why it was amazing.

  • No Wait – Everywhere in Las Vegas is packed so it was a good change as there were no lines.
  • Romantic – It was just the two of us and it was peaceful and also a wonderful night.
  • It was different – it was surprising to say the least.
  • And of course, it saved us a ton of money – The night’s cost was about $8 for the two of us since everything else was provided by the hotel. Compare this with the dinner we had the night before that cost us $50.

What I Learned about Saving Money from The BBQ

  • Think out of the Box – There are always new ways to save money. Be creative.
  • Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things – If my wife didn’t decide to just prepare the food, I might not think it would be a good idea as we were in a hotel after all. As it turned out, I had a wonderful night and I will probably do it again in the future.
  • Turn Old Tricks in New by Changing the Environment – If I cooked while I’m on a trip, I might be able to save more money by applying what I already do with one activity and expand it to different environments. Hmm. Time to Start Brainstorming.

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